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  1. I believe that when the tour will go in stadiums, listen Songs of exprerience.
  2. Davide, please, put your mind at rest you can always reverse the cd in order not to look at it but i think you already had this idea Monica, I put my soul in peace it means that I'll make it like the cover It is also nice to be here
  3. There you go, don't buy it then, or even look at it ever again? Simples. I buy it, normal version + deluxe 2cd
  4. Uhm, I prefer itunes cover or a full band photo on cover, not this of Larry and his son.
  5. I do not understand why U2 leave the cover as the image presented Apple event, this photo of Larry might suggest something related to homosexuality? Pedophilia? Of course not, but for a lot of people who do not know U2, would not be able to give different interpretations to the image. I really hope it goes the full band photo on the cover of this and maybe Larry as a back cover.
  6. I really hope it does not end up on the cover picture of Larry with his son !! I do not like that picture and it is not indicated for the cover of an album by U2. Prefer a picture with the full band. What do you think?
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