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  1. Yes, U2 Concerts Old & NEW AND MUCH MORE. Speedway GP's, Football Galore from Sgorio to Latest, AND WELL Almost anything ie Cycling Barmouth to Walking up Snowdon etc etc Ufology from Billy Meire to Bob Dean etc etc etc
  2. Yes Youtube FREE at Library too. Everything is there SUPERB
  3. daive521


    Lucky for Me I can see Tour on Youtube. Since my Motorbike was Stolen and found out I have Aspergers in 2007 I've found Travelling etc VERY difficult. But with the Wonders of Youtube at my Local Library I've actually seen even more than IF I'd Paid and Travelled. Been a HUGE U2 fan since 1981 and been to 6 Concerts But This Tour Best Ever in terms of Actually seeing it............Ironic or What? Can't wait for possible DVD
  4. Even 'R V' was a Great film. Been a fan since 'Mork and Mindy'. I'm Amazed no-one else thinks so, but I've Always though Robin Williams looked a LOT like BONO? Maybe the Irish connection?
  5. Its Better at the cinema, but i don't mind DVDs or Video's.
  6. Same as the Moon Landing, World Cup finals, Olympics etc i was at home watching it on TV
  7. Went to see 'TED' with my Girlfriend......................its Absolutely HILAIRIOUS 10+
  8. I'm STILL enjoying the Current Album U22 etc etc etc
  9. The cult - She sells sancuary Mike Peters - spiritual
  10. Linkin Park - In the end http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1yw1Tgj
  11. Where you live should not decide whether you live or die
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