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  1. Thanks. Live Nation said they'd get back to me but so far nothing. They sounded very confused.
  2. I received my Joshua Tree Super Deluxe Vinyl box set today but can't find the audio download codes? Anyone know where they are? Thanks.
  3. Awful set list. Please drop Elevation and Beautiful Day. SBS is a terrible opener. Let's get more Rattle & Hum and JT b sides in there.
  4. There's a catwalk leading into a b stage resembling a Joshua Tree for MetLife.
  5. I paid 280 plus 35 in fees for section 111
  6. Very easy transaction. Got 4 for Met Life with no issues.
  7. I got 4 on the 100 level, side stage. Exactly what I wanted. Thank you U2.com for setting aside good seats for real fans. I had excellent seats for my two I&E shows, and excellent seats once again for TJT.
  8. Hopefully none. I always feel like their trying to show off like "hey look at us, we're friends with so & so." If I wanted to see Springstein live, I'll buy a ticket to one of his shows. I'm at a U2 show to see U2.
  9. I love the 1st half of the show. It all flows fluidly. The new arrangement of SBS revived it for me. I'd love to see Tommorow shoved into the Dublin set. As far as act two, Invisible is cool but please no more MW, Elevation, Desire, AOH. It's time to bring back some of the back catalog. Discoteque and Lemon would be awesome. I can't belive I'm going to say this but Streets is completly anti climatic on this tour and it's my favorite live song. It needs a better buildup. Finally, if Bono doesn't give WOWY the respect it desreves then it's time to retire it. That song is hit or miss from night to night. The encores need some changing as well. The Troubles would be great before 40. I'd love to see A Sort Of Homecoming, Bad, The Troubles, 40 close the show. Ultraviolet opening act two would be awesome.
  10. I hope that they stick to arena's. I immensley enjoyed them inside and SOI is an intimate album IMO. Maybe SOE will lend itself to biger venues? I really hope that they follow through with the intial idea of two completely different shows.
  11. I was at both shows. The band was great and the crowd had good energy. The lads looked like they were having a lot of fun, particularly night 2. WOWY with shine like stars was awesome.
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