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  1. I'm a subscriber since May 2012 but I renewed my subscription two days ago even if it wasn't expired (because I was too excited about the gift and I couldn't resist). Am I considered an old subscriber or not, concerning the ticket pre-sale? I wonder if I am stupid
  2. Zoo TV Tour - Torino July, 12 1993 My first concert ever. I went to the show with four friends of mine, but I was the very U2 lover. We had a gigantic bed sheet, 4 x 4 metres, in which we wrote "IN U2 WE TRUST". Before entering the stadium, an important italian daily newspaper reporter, came to us and asked for a photo of the sheet. I then asked him whether he was going to the backstage to interview the band and he said "Yes". So I said: could you give my telephone number to Bono? Of course, he answered. I gave him my number (home number of course, there were no cellular p
  3. Great news!!!! Well deserved nomination for the best band of the world!!
  4. Thank you for sharing. He was one of the greatest man of the century
  5. A new U2 song on the radio...what else?

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      Pain got excited Moanya!!

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      Yeah...I though the NEw Album's coming up !

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      Is that your tattooed hand in the contest ? I like it !

  6. I hope it will move to europe soon, I love musicals and I would be happy to see it!
  7. I love the gift! This is the best gift ever!!! I was expecting something like this for a long time!!
  8. Thank you Mr. McGuinness for all your great work!! I will miss you!

  9. And p.s. Thank you Mr. McGuinness for the great job you have done in these years and enjoy your well deserved retirement!
  10. I've had the same feelings for the whole day. But after a long deep reflection I told to myself: I've been a U2 fan for 25 years (and will always do), and they never never disappointed me in their choices or in the direction they took in their career. When I first heard Achtung Baby, after The Joshua Tree era, I thought: what's this? Who's this band? But I knew it was the shock of the first meeting with the "new" U2. No need to say that Achtung Baby is one of my favourites. The same was when I discovered that Live Nation was going to manage the tours, or when they decided to make the
  11. I agree!! U2 have always been coherent with their choices and they never disappoint fans. Paul McGuinnes has the right to retire, and if U2 agreed with this, WE HAVE TO agree and have faith in them. And don't forget: until Larry is around, everything will be ok!
  12. This is the truth: U2 and Madonna are planning to buy Live Nation and rule the whole music business.
  13. He will always find sweet warmth and heat with me
  14. Touchè! Btw I'm still worried for his healt
  15. Bono should be careful to his throat, the shirt is too open!! BONO YOU'RE NOT 20 ANYMORE!!! Wear a shirt!!
  16. This is a good new! I don't have a vinyl reader.
  17. I'm alive I'm being born I just arrived, I'm at the door Of the place I started out from

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