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  1. Zoo TV Tour - Torino


    July, 12 1993


    My first concert ever. I went to the show with four friends of mine, but I was the very U2 lover.


    We had a gigantic bed sheet, 4 x 4 metres, in which we wrote "IN U2 WE TRUST". Before entering the stadium, an important italian daily newspaper reporter, came to us and asked for a photo of the sheet. I then asked him whether he was going to the backstage to interview the band and he said "Yes".


    So I said: could you give my telephone number to Bono?

    Of course, he answered.


    I gave him my number (home number of course, there were no cellular phones at the time).


    The day after, in the entertainment page of La Repubblica, there was my picture, my name and my phone number!!!!!


    After the first shock, I thought: well, during the shows Bono uses to make a phone call, maybe he will call me.


    I spent the next 5 days glued to the telephone, waiting for that call. I was called by many boys and girls from the whole Italy - some of them pretending to be Bono and speaking in english. Of course it's very easy to recognize an italian while speaking english, but it was funny and I had the opportunity to speak with many U2 fans.

    My father used to take my place when I needed to go to the toilet or to allow me to sleep a couple of hours sometimes.


    The sixth night I surrended. My parents and my friends were trying to make me give up, saying: oh c'mon, he will never call you!!!


    Finally they persuaded me to go out and to stop to live close to the telephone.


    But I couldn't really quit. As my father doesn't know ANY word in english, I thought him to give some basic answer in case Bono called. So he was trained to say: "Sorry, she's not home. Please call later" or "Give me your number and she will call you back as soon as possible" and so on...


    That night, when I went back home, I asked my father about the calls and he said that there were many calls, as usual, but one in particular was strange. Infact, when he answered that I wasn't home, everybody unveiled themselves and - speaking italian - left name and number, just to meet and chat a little about U2. 


    But - my father said - one of them persisted in speaking english and pretending to be Bono. And my father also noticed that he spoke "a different english", not the same as everybody else.


    I know that it wasn't Bono at the phone but, this is my question: BONO, DID YOU CALL ME ON JULY 18, 1993, DURING OR AFTER THE SHOW IN BOLOGNA?

    If yes, I'm sorry. I missed the most important call of my life.





  2. I've had the same feelings for the whole day. But after a long deep reflection I told to myself: I've been a U2 fan for 25 years (and will always do), and they never never disappointed me in their choices or in the direction they took in their career. 


    When I first heard Achtung Baby, after The Joshua Tree era, I thought: what's this? Who's this band? But I knew it was the shock of the first meeting with the "new" U2. No need to say that Achtung Baby is one of my favourites. 


    The same was when I discovered that Live Nation was going to manage the tours, or when they decided to make the Elevation tour and indoor tour or the Vertigo tour tickets incident. At a first sight these semed not to be good thinks, but they have always showed to have their reasons.

    So I know that now it seem so strange but they will not disappoint their fans, they would never do 'cause they REALLY take care of us. 


    So I think that everybody of us should keep calm and love U2. 


    When I went to my first concert, in 1993, I had a 4 x 4 metres bed sheet with the written: IN U2 WE TRUST. 


    And now I confirm my statement. IN U2 I TRUST - And I will always do. 


    This is what I feel. Their heart is where it's always been...

  3. Last night I thought: what a bomb...


    Well, this is an important day and I'm a bit sad because I really like Paul McGuinness. He had a fundamental role troughout their history with his intelligence and his values and his moves. But I understand how tough his work must be, taking into account the beast of a band that U2 is, and all what each tour involve, etc. I'm sure he chose the suitable moment, before enlisting in the nex tour. And he will be able to enjoy with a little less pressure, and that probably will be really positive for him. And he's not gone, he's the chairman.


    He gave his vote of confidence to the new manager so I'll gave him mine too... Let's give him a chance :D   ;)


    I'm not afraid of changes and U2 has an instinct for changes and evolution, isn't it? That's why we are here in 2013 enjoying them. Or what do you think.


    And U2 is ruled by U2ers in case you don't remember. :lol:



    I agree!!


    U2 have always been coherent with their choices and they never disappoint fans. Paul McGuinnes has the right to retire, and if U2 agreed with this, WE HAVE TO agree and have faith in them. And don't forget: until Larry is around, everything will be ok!  ;)

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