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  1. Hello,I know i'm impatient but i'm craving quality u2 live music. I subscribed to their website to get their recent live set but no indication as to when it will be shipped ! ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGH!!! This is what they told me;Thank you for contacting us. We are sorry to hear that you have yet to receive the merchandise associated your fan club membership. At this time, our warehouse is waiting for merchandise to arrive. Merchandise is in production. Once merchandise becomes available, your order will be processed and shipped. At that time, you should also receive an email confirming your or
  2. I'm still on the look out. PM me if anyone has a spare they want to sell. habib.
  3. Hi I am willing to pay face value for standing or seated tickets for each of the Twickenham shows (L3-L5) AND (L5-l27).. Please PM me. Habib.
  4. but why are ticket prices so steep ? is this just a money grab for touts cashing in on the band's popularity ? Or does the band need to recoup production costs for the tour ? either way its daylight robbery....Elevation, Vertigo and 360 were nowhere near as bad as this......
  5. I'm interested in the London GA's, would they be for the 25th by any chance ? Willing to pay up to £180 for both. Am looking for any tickets up to 31 oct at the 02. [MOD EDIT: Please, no email addresses. Use PMs - Also, for ticket sales/buying only face value - please do not make offers. help the community to stop inflated ticket prices. Thanks]
  6. Hello, can anyone tell me how i can score 2 reasonably priced tickets for the show on 25 oct 2015 ? I thought something like £180 for 2 tickets is reasonable enough, but not too sure I will pay that for just one ticket. Touts in London just laugh in my face when I make an offer....can anyone help this long time fan ? Habib.
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