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  1. Tried the DVD in 3 different machines, 2 Bluray's (one is only a couple of months old) and a DVD player, all different manufacturers as well. Never had a single problem with any discs i have bought. No this is just bad manufacturing and faulty products
  2. Yes, mine is the same, in fact i have had 2 DVD's doing the same thing, this time when i complained they said it was my machine and that they are not going to replace it, even making out that no-one else was having a problem with the dvd. Not impressed really as this is the first defective subscriber gift but has taken nearly a year to receive it
  3. I have emailed them 3 times since the announcement that the subscription gift was to be sent out and i just get that they have looked into it and they are waiting for more stock and that i will get an email once it is shipped. Still nothing! Last message from them at end of January. Must be time to contact them again now
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