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  1. mojo told me that its impossible to transfer red zone tickets... so in fact, if you cant go to the concert you have lost your whole money?
  2. i already contacted ticketmaster, the told me i have to contact mojo. mojo said no chance... but really, that cant be the only solution.... they must offer a solution to cancel the order or something like this.... when people get sick or something else... they dont have any chance to transfer tickets. as example for madrid its no problem...
  3. hello, i bought red zone tickets for amsterdam. now i cant go to amsterdam. plans changed. mojo told me its not possible to cancel the order or transfer the tickets. is that real like this? or can i swap or sell them for original price and give the buyer as example a copy of my id and a permission to entry with my tickets? otherless i lose 600-700 euro...
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