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  1. One of my favoutite places in the city was burnt down tonight...so sad...:(

  2. Why did I watch The Gladiator again?...Stupid! ç__ç

  3. My version of The Fly ... I shocked all my friends...xD They said I wasn't scary, then I started to sing...
  4. Another lovely fake tattoo (which I made again during my Philosophy class). I even took the photo on the edge of a cliff xD
  5. Today it's 32 years from the day Boy was realised!
  6. Yesterday I found out there was going to be a U2 weekend on MTV classics. Here's an evidence of it...I'm in love... *_*
  7. Unluckily there weren't numbers...
  8. Of deserts dryOf cool green valleysGold and silver veinsOf the shining cities In this heartland In this heartland soil In this heartland Heaven knows this is a heartland Heartland heartland ♫
  9. Spending time while listening to U22
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