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  1. Hi Max. I re-subbed earlier this evening because my sub was going to expire at midnight. I prefer to re-sub a couple of days before the expiry date, but I did it as soon as I could. I received an email confirmation right after I re-subbed, but if it's not an inconvenience, can you please look & let me know if you see that my account is re-subbed? (It's about 11:30 pm where I am, but I seem to remember you usually being awake at this hour because of being in an earlier time zone.) If you're able to check this, it's much appreciated.

    1. Max Tsukino

      Max Tsukino

      You can see the status of your subscription on your profile  - please go to https://www.u2.com/profile and check the date on SUBSCRIPTION ACTIVE UNTIL...

      Any issue there (not the correct date or any other etc) please report it to customer support service on the HELP page (https://www.u2.com/help)

  2. For dinner? Somewhere in the Meditteranean I guess.
  3. It's so Awesome about Africa being declared free from wild polio. A beautiful day, for sure!
  4. "Let Your Love Be Known!" -Bono. Important message, Beautiful song!

  5. Came here to see about the giveaways, but I'm wondering if the CoVid-19 concern is putting that on hold. Most important: people's safety. Be safe folks!
  6. No one is promised tomorrow. Please get right w/God. Don't wait.

  7. The Highest ideal/love: "..(dying) for one's friends." -Jesus.

  8. Highest ideal: "There's no greater love than to lay down one's life for one's friends." -Jesus.

  9. Happy 'My-Favorite-U2-Song' Day! 

  10. My heart breaks for these precious darlings. LOVE to them!
  11. Cam, I'm Thankful for YOU! Thanx for posting!
  12. Pray for PEACE in our world, especially the Middle East.

  13. Pray for PEACE in our world, especially the Middle East which is a powder keg. (Let's don't let a WWIII ever happen!)

  14. I hear ya. I'm very concerned too. 🙁 I'm an American, too. Propaganda is a huge root of the problem. As you probably know, any media outlet that exists to promote one political party & demonize the other is propaganda, & it's dangerous. It's brainwashing & cult-making. Hitler couldn't have done what he did without it. Fox is the Republican propaganda & MSNBC is the Democratic. I remember when we only had the straightforward, objective journalism outlets. Maybe you know this already, but what happened was that the Reagan administration took away the 'Fairness Doctrine' that we used to have under the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Because they took that away, what I call 'Hate Radio' flourished: hotheaded hatemongers riling people up on the radio against others - followed by the start of FoxFakeNews. Then, after 50 yrs of having a Voting Rights Act (the thing that MLK, Jr was killed for achieving!) the VRA got watered down in court because Republicans basically said - 'look - we have a black president so we don't need the VRA anymore.' They just wanted the federal government to not be looking over their shoulders anymore at how they conduct elections. Trump is the result. We need the Fairness Doctrine back - and we need a new Voting Rights Act. We need America back! (P.S. - My opinion is that Not voting for a candidate opposing Don-the-Con is just giving him an extra vote.) (P.P.S. - I almost forgot: I remember consulting unbiased fact-checking sites during the last presidential election & one of them - PolitiFact dot com I think - checked to see the percent of major statements made by Trump that were partly or completely false compared to those by Hillary: It was something very close to 80% false or partly false from Trump! It was around 20% from Hillary, which is just average for politicians of any political party. They don't cancel each other out - truly they don't: Trump is Incompetent & DANGEROUS. He will Lie us into WWIII if we let him.)

  16. Wow. Hello velocity1759. I'm SO happy for you that you've found your way back to Jesus's 'neck of the woods!' You said "the church," & even though many people use that term to refer to a building or a denomination, I get the sense you mean it in a more vital (alive & real) way. I'm a follower of Jesus who isn't a particular denomination (although there's a church I started going to yrs ago - a congregation I've been a part of). I said "Wow" because of your story, but also because I don't come to the U2 site much & yet I saw your story mentioning a charismatic fellowship on the Same night (Tonight) after I'd discovered the following thing from an online article: I discovered that I myself probably fit under the Christian category of "Charismatic." (Btw...cool name: X Alpha.) Long story short, you know how we grow or advance (hopefully) in whatever we do in life? Well, even though I was a follower of Jesus my entire life (well I've come a long way on my walk) it wasn't until I Gave my Life to God that he started doing some amazing things in my life. What I mean is I told him in prayer one day (6 yrs ago or so) that he could have my life, send me, use my life. That's a big step because as humans we want to be in control. After that, it was a process of growing, learning, & personal development. God connected me w/ a cousin who I hadn't known (he lives far from me). We got to know each other over the phone & discovered that some of the same kind of spiritual things happened w/both of us. He's a follower of Jesus & the Holy Spirit is active w/ him. We each finally had someone to talk to about that kind of thing who understood. We became friends & prayer partners. Then, a few yrs ago, for the 1st time in my life, Totally Unexpectedly, God gave me a vision. I had never thought about visions much at all. Also, I've never done drugs, I don't hallucinate or have any medical condition etc, & I'm well-educated, etc. The message of the vision became clear the following day when a certain thing happened. God has given me more visions since then (not every month or every other month, but relatively rarely). They've all happened before, during, or after prayer. I searched online for other Christians who God has given visions to, & it lead me to someone who says she receives messages from the Lord. Nothing she says contradicts anything Jesus taught, & she's very compelling. I believe her. One of the visions God gave me, plus a certain guidance the Holy Spirit gave me, combined with many related messages from the woman I found online & from others - it all leads me to why I came here tonight - to request Prayer for Peace - especially peace for the Middle East & America. velocity1759, have you ever wished you were wrong about something you think? We live in a nuclear world, & war itself is our common enemy. The Middle East is a powder keg. All I can say is, prayer can be powerful. I know the story of Dunkirk from WWII & I do believe that a national day of prayer back then was probably what helped turn the tide of that war incident, helping save thousands of lives. The world has Never needed Prayer for Peace more than Now. I'm glad to have 'met' you tonight, & I'm sorry that this 1st time I've spoken w/you had to include such a subject as this, but if you're a follower of Jesus, at least you understand the role of prayer. If you will, Please pray for Peace in America & the Middle East, & therefore the World. If you know other praying people, the more the better.
  17. Wishing the Happiest of Happy Birthdays to 'the B man' on this day, & wishing all good things to his family always.

  18. "A world in white gets underway!" - U2. "For God so loved the world that he gave his only son so that whoever believes in him would not perish but have everlasting life." John 3:16.  Hoping for everyone peace, all good things, & happiness in 2019!

  19. Prayers for Bono's beautiful voice. All the best to Bono.

  20. "But soft! What light through yonder window breaks? It is the East, & Juliette is the sun." And that's your ounce of Shakespeare for today. (From memory, so I hope I got it right. )
  21. Paola! I didn't remember that Dickinson poem! I don't remember having seen it before. What awesome poetry you've been posting! I'm glad you posted the Shelley & Rossetti poems, too.
  22. Hello Manohlive. Some folks do write their own poetry although it's more likely to see people post poems that they like by others. This is not legal advice about protection of one's own writing / intellectual property, & laws do change from time to time of course, but I took a 'media law' course in the past (here in the U.S.) & the general rule I learned then was that once you've published something you wrote (wherever you've published or posted it), as long as it's dated & can be shown that you're the person who published or posted it, then that serves as a sort of copyright on its own, showing it's yours - obviously as long as no one else published or posted the same thing before you did. I recommend that if you post original work here & you want to keep track of that, then keep a copy for yourself that you can find, & make a note of when you posted it & where. For ex, if you write an original poem or post original lyrics here, keep a copy for yourself that you can find - for ex, copy-&-paste a copy into an email & send it to yourself (which I would think would date-stamp it, too). I once posted an original little poem of mine on U2.com which was not a big-deal poem, but it had sentimental value to me & I liked it, & I probably kept a copy of it but I'm not sure whether I could find it now. As far as your last question goes - and I wish a lawyer would see your question & jump in w/ some general guidance since what I'm saying is not legal advice - I've always understood that it can depend on the kind of work & can also depend on whether someone is using someone else's work to make money from it or not. I have a question about this myself because I always heard that after a certain number of years (a long time - like, for ex, maybe after 25 yrs) songs then become part of the 'public domain' & can be sampled or recorded by other artists - but then I've also heard about the song "Happy Birthday" supposedly being copyrighted & people having to pay to use that song in certain circumstances, which doesn't make sense to me. Well, to some extent, the law doesn't have to make sense to people though, does it - it just is whatever it is, Lol. As far as copying & distributing certain works or excerpts of certain works, I've always heard there's something called 'fair use' under which a person can copy & distribute someone else's work to some extent (if it's not prohibited otherwise) as long as it's for educational purposes or other such non-money-making purposes. You can definitely post music videos here & poetry/verse/lyrics, but I'm thinking it can't be a spam type of thing where someone is posting a link to a commercial, money-making website. People do post videos from youtube here to share w/ each other some songs they like, for ex, whether it's music of U2's or other bands (as much as we hugely love & adore U2, we scandalously listen to other music too, lol). I've seen some folks post some of their own music (& verse) & I'm happy to say I've never seen someone abuse it in a spammy/overly self-promotional/commercial way. But if you still have questions, I think Bigwave (the u2.com manager) would probably be the person to ask. I think it was good of you to ask in the first place. Btw, when you mentioned Caged Bird, were you referring to Maya Angelou's work (i.e. 'I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings')?
  23. Hello Jenwins. I have 2 questions. When you say NYC, do you mean East Rutherford, NJ (MetLife Stadium there)? Also, I didn't think those tickets were transferable at all - I thought they require the card they were purchased with to be swiped at the stadium for entry (unless a person somehow got their ticket(s) 'in hand' when they bought them). Thanx in advance for your reply.
  24. If I've never said it b4, you've got one of the best U2 gifs around. I could watch it for 2 or 3 minutes straight if I had 2 or 3 minutes to spare, which I don't, Lol. (Set to the tune of 'It's a beautiful day') : It's a beautiful thing! (The heart is a bloom. Pushes up through the stony ground!...)
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