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  1. Also, if the goal is to reduce complaints, then I'd also say to describe it in a matter-of-fact way rather than "Subscribers Special - Not to be missed." Just make it a matter-of-fact delivery (call it something like that if calling it anything). Reminding u that there are members & subscribers who Did think that what we saw Was special & Did like the build-up & did Not have unrealistic expectations etc, but since we didn't see anything to complain about we weren't so vocal afterwards. Fe, you said "Have you seen how many people were online on the last Thursday? I guess almost 2000." Someone was saying they saw the number get up to 8,000 - 8,500. Not sure if they meant that, but they said it like they meant it.
  2. True, I didn't see the trailer anywhere before I saw it here... As someone said before, people might have forgotten THE 360 book + Edge's picks And I don't understand why people were expecting the release of the new album - Are people thinking that albums are released when they feel like it? It's good to clarify and give the accurate information... You'll simply never be able to please everyone. And those that are not pleased w/something are always more vocal about it than those who actually had more realistic expectations & really appreciated what they were shown. That being said, I would say make an almost simultaneous Delivery of 2 things: 1) announcement in emails & at U2.com homepage at the same time that 2) the content is Just about to be posted at U2.com. Announce it just b4 or at the same time as delivering it: No Build-Up that way. I personally enjoy the build-up, but not everyone has realistic expectations & they experience a let-down. When u say "or just release it to members only" - do u mean all members - not just subscribers? Although I'm a subscriber, I care about fans who can't afford the sub fee, so if u share something w/members, too, I'm all for that. (Though some subscribers would say 'then what do we pay for?') P.S. Came back here to add this note: I'm leaving this post here rather than delete it, but I changed my mind about almost-simultaneous delivery. My final thoughts on it are in my post below that says 'Meet In The Middle.' i.m.h.o.
  3. {P.S. Not that Danielson had said it mattered much to him. Lol. I think he's too busy studying for tests & such. }
  4. Uh...I realized...um...we didn't actually get to see it 1st in the world I knew b4 we saw it that if Monica Martino, Danielsentana, & Fernanda turned out to be right, then what we were going to see wasn't here b4 anywhere else...But we were some of the 1st in the world to see it. And at least we were all together when we saw it. Community & all that. Sorry but Mary Ann Cris posted the news up before any the above if you are handing out credit. Thanks Basher. I actually was wondering when it first got posted. The people I mentioned were just the first I myself saw posting about it, but I know I didn't see the very beginning of it all. I do know that sometimes 2 people can discover something at the same time, too, like Alexander Graham Bell & Elisha Gray invented the phone at the same time, but Alexander got to the patent office 1st. But I see where Daniel said something like this to u: 'I know other people are faster, I just like joking about finding things' - so I'll take that as his admission that Mary Ann Cris found it b4 him.
  5. Uh...I realized...um...we didn't actually get to see it 1st in the world I knew b4 we saw it that if Monica Martino, Danielsentana, & Fernanda turned out to be right, then what we were going to see wasn't here b4 anywhere else...But we were some of the 1st in the world to see it. And at least we were all together when we saw it. Community & all that.
  6. "It's grace. How sweet the sound." ~Bono.

  7. Wow. Thanks KoDe! (I didn't know 1 way or another except I know that things can depend on licensing agreements & have everything to do w/what the companies' agreements are between each other, the record labels, the movie production company, etc.)
  8. Ok, I have a silly little ole question...what are people thinking about this: is there any chance this song would be on the new album in any way shape or form, or is it bound to be only on a separate movie soundtrack album? And, earlier, someone said he thinks the full song would be on YouTube soon enough. But the movie won't be in theaters til Nov 29. Things don't leak this early do they?
  9. Interesting. Now I Really want to hear the whole song. Of course, U2 was an influence on Coldplay - & they've said so - so it's pretty much Coldplay who sounds a little like U2. But now when I hear the full song, I'll keep your Coldplay comment in mind.
  10. Now I want to know All of the lyrics.
  11. And how does that make us feel better about hearing practically Nothing as Mandela was screaming over a little piece of song trailer after a day of waiting ??? Yup - but movie trailers are like that. I wonder if the full song will be available elsewhere at u2.com.
  12. I think people will either not like this, or will think it's okay, or will Love this. I appreciate those who were hoping for something else, but mark me down in the LOVE column. Got to hear it FIRST in the world! AND, like I said - there should have been NO other band who did the music for that movie trailer except Our U2!!! It was perfect for our U2!
  13. Whoah! Yesterday - 4:11 pm. Some REAL ALBUM NEWS!!! (And a lot of people will miss it because they're so used to there not being any real news on it, so they just don't check for it any more.) Honestly, I think that's the first real thing I've heard about this album since finding out for sure where it was going to be recorded & who was going to be their producer on it (which was a big jump from Steve Lillywhite saying 'if they ask me').
  14. Anjana, these images w/captions that you create can be so fun & delightful. I'm always interested to see what you come up w/next. I think it shows you're such a dedicated U2 fan. Uh...did I say U2? Uh...I mean Larry. A dedicated Larry-of-U2 fan.
  15. :o :o Babyface!!!! And WHO is responsible for this incredible photo? Do you happen to know? What I mean is, was it an official photographer - or was it a fan? Because: cool enough if it was an official photographer, but if it was a fan,...uh...wow. Can someone PLEASE remind me exactly WHY it is that I Haven't taken the pilgrimage yet to Electric Lady Studio at this time?? Is it even 'ok' that I haven't? I mean, if I go out of my way to do that, is it silly - or is it just plain derelict of me as a Serious fan if I don't?
  16. Babyface! Thanks for posting that. And it looks like the guy in the pic w/Bono is taking his own pic by holding his camera at arm's length - & yet the photo turned out beautifully. He's so lucky for that.
  17. Lol. No don't worry about it. I run out too, sometimes. It's just that there have been a few times when I've pressed an up-arrow for someone & the screen says something like 'Sorry - your up-arrow (or whatever they call it) didn't register.' Of course I'm not saying that if you WANT to come back here on a burning mission w/ nothing but giving me an arrow on your mind, that you should deprive yourself of the joy of that. By all means.
  18. Ok, so...like..., pain_18_, Where's my arrow? My little ole screen is registering zero, Baby. zero.
  19. Stuck around til the concert end, & now I want to BE the drummer. Great camera shots from behind the drummer & kit. Last 2 songs worth the entire concert. (Will check out the vid of Bono at a later date.) Thanks again for bringing this here bigwave.
  20. Was just about to shut computer down to get to sleep - decided to see Bono Letterman vid at a later date. That would've been a mistake: would've missed 'Sex On Fire'!
  21. Ok, I couldn't resist. Went back to see some more & glad I did, at least for the moment: just in time to see a guitarist making music by kissing his guitar. Educational.
  22. I love K.O.L. & am glad to see this, but: Camera 1 or Camera2 - doesn't matter - the drummer is still very distracting. Blowing bubbles w/bubble-gum?? Carrying on a conversation w/ another bandmember while drumming? Naw. C'mon man, get In The Moment. Also, can't quite get used to a backup-singer drummer. Lord. (No problem w/him singing of course, but so up-front/in-yr-face there visually w/the lead singer? Nope. Cannot. Get. Used. To. That.) If only the camera-person at the studio there felt the same. So I'll be working in another window w/out visuals while listening to the music.
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