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  1. "It's grace. How sweet the sound." - Bono.

  2. "It's grace. How sweet the sound." - B. {Meaning Bono - not Janette B. Just clarifying! :-) }

  3. "It's grace. How sweet the sound." - B. (Meaning Bono - not Janette B. Just clarifying.)

  4. That's just not right Janette! I think u deserve better than that as a matter of human rights. Might call for a letter to the mayor of the city. P.S. I understood 2/3 of that French - even the word for 'Thursday.' This makes me happy, so please pardon me being happy while you're devastated Janette!
  5. Intriguing. Jotting down on 'To Do' list: "Must listen to 'She Sells Sanctuary' by The Cult & Echo...moon."
  6. Thank u as usual febottini. Great family. Not sure what the Naked Heart Foundation does, though I know I could look it up. I'm sure it's a great cause. Ali & Jordan are lovely. I really love Jordan's dress. It's beautiful. Much more importantly of course: what beautiful hearts Bono & his family have. (It mustn't be easy to live in a fishbowl w/people snapping pics of u every second of the day whenever u venture out.)
  7. Joseph, Joseph, Joseph, Joseph, Joseph. Tsk tsk. Wink wink. Bono doesn't love Bush. People who want to get serious, major things done on the worldwide level eventually have to deal w/ whoever is the President of the United States. Bush was at 1 time, so he was the person that people like Bono had to deal with. Bono knows how to get things done is all. In fact, Bush wanted a photo of himself hugging Bono, but Bono purposely ducked out of it - which made Bush's people angry. Bono has said this about his relationship w/politicians: 'I'm available to be used - but I'm not a cheap date.' He knows what politicians want from him, but that doesn't mean he's putting out.
  8. Allegra said "He goes as far as signing people's U2 stuff...I kid you not!!!" Now that's just wrong...I mean, there's nothing wrong w/someone being an impersonator as long as they make it known that that's who they are - an impersonator. If he signs Bono's name to things & doesn't let on that he's not really him, then I think there should be a law against that. And nothing p!sses me off more than bands who actually pass themselves off as the original band w/out pointing it out to people, for ex, just because of some loophole in the law. Or they do gigs w/a low profile & stay on the move - 1 step ahead of the law. I'm not talking about tribute bands who call themselves a tribute band. Hey, I don't happen to enjoy that myself, but it's there for people who do. But I'm talking about the ones who pass themselves off as an older, classic band & use the same name as the original band. That happens. Like, for ex, w/ 'The Platters.' How dare they sell CDs etc, under the original band's name? It's just wrong. And when u listen to the music, anyone who knows the original music knows it's not the real band. But to anyone who doesn't know the originals so they don't know the difference, it gives them a bad impression of the original band & original hits - which is not fair to the original artists at all (or the original songs themselves). New people who hadn't really heard the originals would listen to the remakes under the original band's name & think 'what was all the big fuss about this band? They sucked.' I used to follow a music organization that was getting laws passed against that state-by-state. (Can't believe I stopped following the progress on that.) I think there should be some kind of law (if there isn't already) against signing the name of a celebrity if the person signing doesn't make it totally clear that they're not that celebrity.
  9. I dont see the tell tale bono chin dimple on him... thats a dead give away anjana Ahhh. The chin dimple. Thanks for the reminder, Spicy.
  10. "Blessed are the peacemakers..."

  11. Alma1

    New Sub-Forum

    With a red guitar on fire (ok, so just imagine a red guitar) Haven't checked it out, but since thanks is probably warranted: Thanks in advance!
  12. Slow-&-Fast Dancin'

  13. Slow-&-Fast Dancin'.

  14. All Apologies in advance, Scout, for saying this: I live in the northeast of the U.S. where it can get quite cold & wintery in the winter (unlike some places in the U.S. in winter). When I want to make others here (& myself) feel better about it during winter, I tell them "just remember that to the entire nation of Canada, we ARE the south!" Maybe there are places even further north in Canada that u can remind yourself you're further south than!
  15. Hi Scout. I posted my 1st 'What's on your mind' banner earlier today. It says "Was in the spring / & spring became the summer / ..Sweet.." It's from the song 'Sweet Caroline' (as u might know). I guess more than a couple of us have summer on our minds!
  16. Was in the spring / & spring became the summer / ..Sweet..

  17. Was in the spring/ & spring became the summer/ ..Sweet..

  18. About this article, Bono meeting the author, the book subject, & this photo: Too cool.
  19. That's it. That does it. Intolerable I tell you. But seriously, here's the plan: the real Bono could sell Bono-iris-scan-readers programmed to identify only his iris-scans. People who never want to mistake anyone else for him would buy them (including the UN dude). So would major fans who just can't stand the idea of anyone else going around masquerading as 'HIM' - the 1 true B-man. Proceeds could go to the One campaign. The campaign to sell the scanners could be called 'Plan to Scan the B-man: The One & Only! For One.org.' (Ok, ok, enough w/the groans. I'm only trying to help here.) Of course the problem is Bono would quickly tire of people scanning him. Understandably. So...any suggestions? Unless someone offers a better idea for a Bono-impostor-detector, the world must continue to tolerate this outrage against the uniqueness that is the one & only B-man.
  20. I think this kind of thing still can happen to this day at some bands' concerts. It shouldn't. By now, it should be a thing of the past that is prevented from happening by law by solid planning. (Also pyrotechnics & over-capacity audience at some club venues gives the risk of people being burned alive & being stampeded & crushed trying to escape. Should never happen in this day & age either.)
  21. Here's something we agree on. Earl grey. Hot.
  22. Wha..?? W/all due respect 123love, I totally disagree. I LOVE this pic of them. Now will u please stop showing us pics of Bono in a tie? Like I've said elsewhere, Bono in a tie just upsets the natural order of the universe. It just ain't right. But to each his own.
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