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  1. Wow. Beautiful photograph. Unique, too. (Sans sunglasses, but it looks like evening there.) Ah...how great to be where there are palm trees!
  2. It's not true unfortunately that "it was a democratic election" & "democracy played out." This was the 1st national election in 50 yrs w/out the full protection of the Voting Rights Act (VRA) that Martin Luther King Jr & others died to achieve. Because of the Civil Rights Movement, the tricks used to stop blacks from voting were outlawed. The VRA required states that were historically oppressive & abusive to blacks to get federal permission after that before making changes to their voting laws. When we got a black President, some argued that America no longer had enough racism to make the VRA necessary. They got the VRA protections relaxed. As soon as that happened, southern states went back to their old shenanigans - and some new ones - to take away the voting rights of blacks, other minorities, & the poor. This time, a couple of 'heartland' states did also. A couple of northeastern states engaged in shenanigans also. For ex, Ohio fought in court before the election for the 'right' to keep the audit (honesty) function turned *off* on voting machines! They were allowed to. What the voting-rights-abusive states had in common: Republican control. What those who had their voting rights denied to them had in common: they belong to 'groups' that tend to vote Democrat. One poli sci professor estimates at least 1 million Americans were denied their voting rights, & it's estimated that probably 3 million were. Add that to the almost 3 million more votes Hillary got than Trump: it's about 6 million. Add to that the pro-Trump election-process hacking activity that people say Trump encouraged, & which 17 American intelligence agencies said Russia's Kremlin was behind. Add to that the anti-Hillary, unprecedented interference in the election-process by the FBI director, which wound up, as usual, being only a witch-hunt against her. Etc. This was *not* a legitimate election. Trump is an illegitimate 'President Elect.' And w/Trump being dismissive of his own country's intelligence agencies while praising our enemy - Russia's former-KGB dictator - it's why people are calling him Treasonous Trump.
  3. The world has known very well for decades what U2 is like. When people buy a ticket to U2, they have no reason to expect anything other than what U2 is. To get a ticket to that & then complain that U2 is being U2 - it's kind of like getting a ticket to a zoo & then complaining that you only went to see the elephants & giraffes & you don't know why you have to see the polar bears, too.
  4. Though the guy deserves to be criticized... a lot! You're right - he does.
  5. Alma1


    I'm curious - who are the ladies in this photo? (I'm thinking the lady on the left might be a certain comedic actress, but I know it's just as likely I'm wrong about that.)
  6. Alma1


    Good photo of Guggi. (Personally, I would've cropped the right-side 1/5th or so of the photo off, but it's a matter of personal taste.) He has created art that I enjoy - including, for ex, his 'Vessels' paintings & other pieces.
  7. (P.S. Max Tsukino & anyone else: Just to let you know: for me, the trick to getting a tkt was someone's tip that said if you get a message like 'unable to process your request,' that just means you've tried too many times, but: just clear the cache, close the browser, & start again, & then if there are tickets you'll have access to buying them.)
  8. Thanx much, Max. I was just about to say: Toronto, here I come. But NYC is affordable for me. Toronto - not so much. Max Tsukino & Bigwave & anyone else: I just came here to say thanx, I got a ticket, & I was so happEEE (& maybe I still am)...but on the way here, an unusual but *important* question arose: what did I just buy a tkt to? I didn't stop to see the homepage video til after purchase - I knew this tour was a celebration of Joshua Tree, which is great, but...I *have* to ask now: in addition to performing JT, *please* tell me NewYearsDay & SBS WILL be performed too! They HAVE to be. Not kidding on this. Does anyone know??
  9. Thanx much, Max. I was just about to say: Toronto, here I come. But NYC is affordable for me. Toronto - not so much.
  10. true... but East Rutherford is so close to NY that sometimes is considered as if it were - have seen it before... I got the answer I was looking for already, as you know. Then I saw some folks talking here. I debated whether to ask about it again here, knowing the answer might make ERutherford tix disappear. I was in the middle of picking out a ticket in another screen. They were available. Then I asked here. I think I shot myself in the foot by asking here. Tix were available in ERutherfordt - til I asked this question here. Now they're gone. Argh. *Sigh.*
  11. What are people talking about here re: NY? There are no NY dates announced.
  12. When fact is fiction & tv reality! 'Don-the-Con Swamp' makes this a REAL CONCERN in America these days! (You could change 'tv' to 'twitter.')

    1. Alma1


      America did not elect Trump. It's an illegitimate election because of all the illegal & immoral Voting Rights Violations by legislators (of a certain political stripe) to stop the poor, elderly, minorities, & college students from voting & to make some of their votes not count. Despite that, Hillary got about 2 & a half MILLION more votes than Trump, & only the 'Electoral College' gave Trump the 'win.' Things are still going to court.

  13. let them announce the tour and you'll have your Guinness record Lol. True. So true. And long time no speak Monica, so "Hello!"
  14. Well I've pitched the idea and it's been approved. Turns out it's also a long weekend (I had forgotten that) so that worked in my favor. Planning on playing a set of one song from each album, not necessarily in chronological order, just trying to find songs that I can confidently play. As I'm a bit of a novice and I'm going to be playing in the corner of the games room because that's where the power point is, I'm calling it "The 90° & Inexperience Show" Will post the setlist later. A great idea. Sounds great. All the best w/ it.
  15. What we really need is to organize a 'Guinness Book of World Records' effort in the following category: 'The most fans gathered online at the same time at the same place (U2.com) for the same purpose - to shamelessly Beg & Plead with U2 to Go On Another Tour or at least Play A Few More Concerts - as long as the concerts Include New York!' It really is an actual 'GuinnessBookOfWorldRecords' category. You probably just haven't heard of it yet. But it exists. Because I just created it. Just now. Suggestions will be taken (here) on a rolling basis regarding when this online BeggingPleading gathering will occur.
  16. Love it! U2 - Bad - Tempe, Arizona 1987 - Rare
  17. "..to a light that's in the distance. Oh, don't sorrow, no don't weep, For tonight at last I am coming home."

    1. Alma1


      Easier said than done for those whose hearts grieve a dear loved-one's departing of course. May the loved-one experience peace & great joy.

    2. Malahide


      Hi Alma, hope you are ok.

    3. ELMARTO
  18. I think there should be a preference in pre-sale given to people who've had a subscription for over a year - the reason is that I think people who subscribe just for pre-sale are usually (or often) way off on guessing when it's really getting close to ticket-sale time for a tour because false rumors happen about that. I wonder the thoughts of longtime subscribers about this - do u think I'm right that people who subscribe just for pre-sale just when they think tix are about to start selling are often way off in guessing when the sales will start?
  19. Good song - and one of my favorite U2 music-videos.
  20. Thanx Mich40 for mentioning what didn't make it onto camera for the Carpool Karaoke that I posted above. Here's Anthony Kiedis about it! ('The Red Hot Chili Peppers frontman told Radio X how he helped an infant breathe during the shooting of The Late Late Show segment.') https://youtu.be/2053N4tKR7I
  21. Did you see what didn't make it on camera? After they were done wrestling, Anthony saved someone's baby that was choking. Wow! I hadn't heard that! Thanx Mich40! It's good to learn how to do that. I was once waiting behind someone in line at the food-court of a shopping-mall (less than 10yrs ago). A little girl in front of me - maybe 2&1/2-3yrs old - was holding her mom's hand. At one point I started seeing she was in distress - not able to breathe. Her mother was paying attention to something else. I started saying loudly "Someone do the Heimlich, do the Heimlich!!" It was either the mother or someone else who did the Heimlich maneuver on the girl & a piece of hard-candy popped out from her throat (like a projectile). Then the mom said that her daughter had once been choking on a battery when she was a toddler & she had learned after that that there are a couple of different ways to help, depending on the choking-person's age - that there's an age (infant I guess) that's too young for the Heimlich maneuver. After that, I decided it would be good to learn those ways. This makes me realize it's good to re-learn that skill!
  22. For all the kids graduating into 'the real world' - let's keep them in our hearts! It's a mad/crazy world out there.

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