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    Might try to have a guitar sesh maybe. :unsure:

    Well I've pitched the idea and it's been approved. :) Turns out it's also a long weekend (I had forgotten that) so that worked in my favor.


    Planning on playing a set of one song from each album, not necessarily in chronological order, just trying to find songs that I can confidently play.


    As I'm a bit of a novice and I'm going to be playing in the corner of the games room because that's where the power point is, I'm calling it "The 90° & Inexperience Show"


    Will post the setlist later.



    A great idea. Sounds great. All the best w/ it.

  2. What we really need is to organize a 'Guinness Book of World Records' effort in the following category: 'The most fans gathered online at the same time at the same place (U2.com) for the same purpose - to shamelessly Beg & Plead with U2 to Go On Another Tour or at least Play A Few More Concerts - as long as the concerts Include New York!'


    It really is an actual 'GuinnessBookOfWorldRecords' category. You probably just haven't heard of it yet. But it exists. Because I just created it. Just now. :D Suggestions will be taken (here) on a rolling basis regarding when this online BeggingPleading gathering will occur.  :) 

  3. I think there should be a preference in pre-sale given to people who've had a subscription for over a year - the reason is that I think people who subscribe just for pre-sale are usually (or often) way off on guessing when it's really getting close to ticket-sale time for a tour because false rumors happen about that.

    I wonder the thoughts of longtime subscribers about this - do u think I'm right that people who subscribe just for pre-sale just when they think tix are about to start selling are often way off in guessing when the sales will start?


    INcredible. Who knew RHCP could be so great in a car? Looks like they're some down-to-earth dudes. (Always appreciated their extraordinary lyrics-writing ability & music, but somehow even more from this video, too.)



    Singing, storytelling, some fun moments, some sweet moments, some "No. Freakin'. Way." moments. Is there a homeowner somewhere in California who doesn't even know the RHCP were on their front lawn - wrestling?!? Near the end of this, they really get in the zone!


    Did you see what didn't make it on camera? After they were done wrestling, Anthony saved someone's baby that was choking.




    Wow! I hadn't heard that! Thanx Mich40!


    It's good to learn how to do that. I was once waiting behind someone in line at the food-court of a shopping-mall (less than 10yrs ago). A little girl in front of me - maybe 2&1/2-3yrs old - was holding her mom's hand. At one point I started seeing she was in distress - not able to breathe. Her mother was paying attention to something else. I started saying loudly "Someone do the Heimlich, do the Heimlich!!" It was either the mother or someone else who did the Heimlich maneuver on the girl & a piece of hard-candy popped out from her throat (like a projectile). Then the mom said that her daughter had once been choking on a battery when she was a toddler & she had learned after that that there are a couple of different ways to help, depending on the choking-person's age - that there's an age (infant I guess) that's too young for the Heimlich maneuver. After that, I decided it would be good to learn those ways. This makes me realize it's good to re-learn that skill!

  5. INcredible. Who knew RHCP could be so great in a car? Looks like they're some down-to-earth dudes. (Always appreciated their extraordinary lyrics-writing ability & music, but somehow even more from this video, too.)



    Singing, storytelling, some fun moments, some sweet moments, some "No. Freakin'. Way." moments. Is there a homeowner somewhere in California who doesn't even know the RHCP were on their front lawn - wrestling?!? Near the end of this, they really get in the zone!


  6. You are indeed blessed U2, Bono. God's in the music, no doubt about it! Really hard to believe that guns and Christians really seem to hold a connection together. I always scratch my head about why it's so important to have a gun and praise the Lord. That seems like the two shouldn't hold true together, but sadly they do. Seems like the right to bear arms in more important than the right to love or hold values of love. Think that's what's wrong with the world..yes..maybe it's my naive positivism speaking again.. ;) But people seem to put more faith in guns than with God.


    Hi U2LAWoman! I hear u, but what u speak of is mostly in the south. (I'm Christian & born & raised in the northeast & I live here, & I haven't met any Christians here who think that way.) I've had conversations about it w/a Christian cousin of mine raised in the south who lives there: I think the gun thing started as something left over from the civil war. My cousins & I think in some different ways about it, but I still love 'em  :wub:  & they still love me :wub: .


    I'm not defending it when I say this, but I think a fear of "outsiders" coming in & 'telling them what to do' turned into a fear or concern that some day laws might be passed against them being able to practice their religion their way - but then politics & hyper-capitalism (gun manufacturers, etc) took that concern & ran away w/it & made it seem like more of a cause for fear or concern than it really is. Not that I think Christians should use weapons if such a day ever came anyways, which I don't think it ever would. Besides, Jesus didn't let his disciples take up physical weapons even to defend him, so...


    Anyways, our constitution speaks of the need for "a" militia, & to me & a lot of other Americans that means one - not a lot of little militias around the country that a bunch of different people make - and the Constitution speaks of the need for "a well-regulated militia" - which to me & a lot of other Americans means the National Guard. Well, that's my 2-cents worth. ^_^  "We need love&peace..Lay down your guns. All u daughters of Zion, All u Abraham sons..Baby don't fight, we can talk this thing thru.."



  7. ‪#‎Bono‬ Tells Story of ‪#‎U2‬'s "Bullet The Blue Sky" 

    Via Bono Street Team


    Wow, Cam - I hadn't seen that video b4. Thanx 4 posting! Americans who considered themselves Christian who supported what Reagan was doing in Central America didn't represent all American Christians. They didn't speak for me (although I'm American & Christian). They represented their own viewpoint.


    I understand where Bono was coming from. I don't think his viewpoint was simplistic - I think it is politics that oversimplifies things. In fact politics oversimplifies to the point of polarization - when it comes to important subjects, politics paints life as if there are only 2 opinion-positions to choose from - as if you're either a saint or you're evil - depending on which 'side' a person chooses. Real life isn't like that. Central Americans who were struggling for self-determination, human rights, & food to feed their families found themselves in the middle of 2 polarized extremes - a simplistic paradigm of 'capitalism vs communism.' In the process, a lot of truth & innocent human lives got sacrificed. The American Constitution & American laws were also flouted by some of the American politicians who supported what was going on in Central America.


    P.S. Speaking of 'Bullet The Blue..' which is a great song, there are only 2 people in the world who I'd 'take a bullet' for, & Bono's 1 of them (not that I'd want to think of such a thing ever happening, Lord forbid). It's not a celebrity thing & it's not that I think he's a saint - it's for the sake of the good he does. B)

  8. I've mostly been listening to Latin music lately - last week, I finally got hold of Ricky Martin's latest album "A Quien Quiere Escuchar". I had to order it online as it's virtually impossible to find Spanish-language music in the shops here in the UK (or indeed any non-English-language music!).


    And the announcement of the new Paris DVD has made me want to go back and watch/listen to my U2 live DVDs again when I have the time. 


    I hear ya, although it's not difficult to get Spanish-language music here in the U.S.


    Here's one I always liked of Ricky Martin's - in English & in Spanish:



  9. Listened to the War album, now on to Unforgettable Fire.


    Hadn't listened to either of them start to finish in ages, was in the mood.


    Great idea! Would love to do that again one of these days.


    I've been listening to U2 songs such as Mysterious Ways, New Years Day, plus classic hits of other bands, forgotten hits, themed music, Gospel choir music, Beatles, George Harrison, etc.

  10. "Gavin Friday is in the finishing stages of recording his fifth studio album, his first since 2011’s widely acclaimed catholic. Fresh from art-directing U2’s iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE tour, the 56-year-old Dubliner is also working on another solo album, as well as a 1916-themed art installation paying homage to Roger Casement."




    Hey wow, some great information there Cam! And it's always good to read you posting, too. THANX for posting! :)

  11. Hi Alma, I'll take a listen Tuesday night or Wednesday.  Ugh. I have 2 interviews tomorrow for jobs I don't even want. Still need to prepare.   I am so sick of my career history - commercial property insurance.....  I don't like it so much that i'm willing to change my career for an entry-level position in a different field for LOWER salary $$$$....  but then again, who will take a chance with a person like me with no experience in whichever field I choose?  I love Fallulah. She's from Denmark, I think.




    I hope your interviews went well. Some jobs are kind of 'soul-killing' to someone who's meant for something different or would be happier in a different field. I just prayed for u that you'll find your way to something u love. Can't hurt, might help.


    I'm posting this song & video for u, Chris, in your situation. For 1 thing, the kid dressing up made me think of u getting ready for an interview. Some parts of Fallulah's music/videos are a different taste from my own, though there are some aspects of them I like, but I love this song & video:


    "...be who u can, 'cause u been dreamin' forever & now is your chance...Movin' along..."


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