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  1. Lawrence. I dig the shades. And hair. And face. And the drumstick on the left (in his right hand). And the font of the "U2".
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    Love the Zoo Baby.
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    The Thunders Sketch

    It's good when there's balance in society. Sustainable use is the way to go. The way society has treated the ecosystem for a long time now isn't sustainable. I just read this today that u posted in December & where u mention the Amazon River it reminded me of part of a STP song I posted yesterday - the part of 'Adhesive' that says "Down the river, down the river" & "it's all so confusing." I think true democracy is usually necessary to protect the environment. If there's too much corruption, too much power in the hands of a tiny percent of people (for ex, too much power in the hands of for-profit corporations) then it's Dangerous for the rest of us.
  5. I think there's a cartoonist in you somewhere. Mad Duck Adventures presents: 'Full Speed Ahead' (or something like that).
  6. Your concern for the ecosystem is great. Mankind is damaging it too much. Too many selfish people aren't considering 'the larger picture.' (As they say, Earth is not given to us by our parents - it is loaned to us by our children.)
  7. HAHAH !!! I thought I was the only one reminiscing about that Edge-Swamp-Owl-ZOO Footage !!!! I just realized my iPad autocorrected "barred" to bard. But yes, loved all the interviews on that documentary. One of the most beautiful photos of an owl I've ever seen. Thanx for posting it.
  8. HAHAH !!! I thought I was the only one reminiscing about that Edge-Swamp-Owl-ZOO Footage !!!! Funny stuff, Chris. And thanx for posting the photo from Adam. Wow, that building's really special. Unique. I like it. Beautiful in the sun, too. P.S. If I forgot to say it, Thanx for the info about the Joshua Tree photo shoots, too.
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    Hi Lorri. The dude on the right looks familiar. Who is he?
  10. Chris! You've posted what is now my all-time favorite photo of the JT Nat'l Park I've ever seen! (Out of all pics w/out the band in them.) If I've seen this pic b4, I don't remember. Beautiful!! And so glad you created this thread, too.
  11. LoL! And I think that has actually happened b4. Someone once said on the U2.com boards that he suggests that big U2 fans never marry anyone who doesn't understand your love of U2! I agree. Lol. Too true.
  12. Commencing countdown, engines on. Check ignition & may God's love be w/ u! -Remembering David Bowie.

  13. "A world in white gets underway!" Love to Zootopians & the world - on New Year's Day & always!

  14. "I won't heed the battle call." "..claim the victory Jesus won."

  15. Wow. Bigwave. You can write! There's Heart & Soul in it! I say you've got the chops to be a lyricist! (U could put your experience into song. 3rd-person perspective - song title suggestion: 'The Road Calls His Name.' Hey, just a suggestion!) ... Did u really just say "Got lost in the cold universe surrounding 'Iris' - maybe the song I had wanted to witness live, most"? Wow - just last night, I myself got lost in the cold but Beautiful universe surrounding a different 'Iris' - which actually Was the song I had wanted to witness live the most (from that particular band)! To me, we live in a U2 Universe, but there's a song called 'Iris' by The Goo Goo Dolls that I love too (written for a Meg Ryan / Nicolas Cage movie which I think U2 also wrote a song for). Saw it Live in concert last night! "When everything feels like the movies, yeah u bleed just to know you're alive. And I don't want the world to see me, 'cause I don't think that they'd understand. When everything's made to be broken, I just want u to know who I am." "You are from the future dudes." Lol.
  16. By a 17 year old girl named Chanie Gorkin (Brooklyn, NYC): Today was the absolute worst day ever And don't try to convince me that There's something good in every day Because, when you take a closer look, This world is a pretty evil place. Even if Some goodness does shine through once in a while Satisfaction and happiness don't last. And it's not true that It's all in the mind and heart Because True happiness can be obtained Only if one's surroundings are good It's not true that good exists I'm sure you can agree that The reality Creates My attitude It's all beyond my control. And you'll never in a million years hear me say that Today was a good day Now read from the bottom to top.
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    Ticket for NYC

    NYC "5" or "6"? What dates do you mean?
  18. vertigojds's advice sounds good. I'd think you could also call MSG & ask (&/or check out their website).
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    need help

    Wow. That's upsetting. It ought to be tracked down & prosecuted. I hope they do. In recent years, Ebay got stricter about the quality of its members, but I wonder what someone is doing being allowed on there if Ebay considers them not reliable. A tip: I've been an Ebay user - both buying & selling - for years. I learned this: always look at how long an Ebayer has been an Ebayer - combined w/ their rating. Only consider trusting sellers who have At Least a 98% positive rating. Not 96% positive. Not 97% positive. Not 97.9% positive. To me, personally, even a 98% positive isn't good enough. I have Always had a 100% positive rating as both a buyer & seller, & I don't see any reason why anyone should have less than 100%, though I guess 99% positive might be reasonable. But anything less than that, forget it.
  20. Hello vtech. A few questions for you. What do you mean when you say you can't transfer tickets & there are no paper tickets? My ticket is for GA in NYC - and purchased online. 1) What does not being able to transfer tickets mean? People trade & sell them all the time, so... 2) Also, My ticket is a paper ticket. Wondering what you mean by "there's no paper tickets." 3) Have you been trying to buy a ticket for MSG & haven't been able to? Thnx.
  21. Oh, maybe the time is right. Oh, maybe tonight...

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      Hope to hear New Year's Day when I see them :)


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  22. Tears for flight9525 &loved ones,especially those of the students.Our hearts2them.

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