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  1. INcredible. Who knew RHCP could be so great in a car? Looks like they're some down-to-earth dudes. (Always appreciated their extraordinary lyrics-writing ability & music, but somehow even more from this video, too.) Singing, storytelling, some fun moments, some sweet moments, some "No. Freakin'. Way." moments. Is there a homeowner somewhere in California who doesn't even know the RHCP were on their front lawn - wrestling?!? Near the end of this, they really get in the zone!
  2. One of the best performances of 'Bullet The Blue Sky' imho:
  3. Hi U2LAWoman! I hear u, but what u speak of is mostly in the south. (I'm Christian & born & raised in the northeast & I live here, & I haven't met any Christians here who think that way.) I've had conversations about it w/a Christian cousin of mine raised in the south who lives there: I think the gun thing started as something left over from the civil war. My cousins & I think in some different ways about it, but I still love 'em & they still love me . I'm not defending it when I say this, but I think a fear of "outsiders" coming in & 'telling them what to do' turned into a fear or concern that some day laws might be passed against them being able to practice their religion their way - but then politics & hyper-capitalism (gun manufacturers, etc) took that concern & ran away w/it & made it seem like more of a cause for fear or concern than it really is. Not that I think Christians should use weapons if such a day ever came anyways, which I don't think it ever would. Besides, Jesus didn't let his disciples take up physical weapons even to defend him, so... Anyways, our constitution speaks of the need for "a" militia, & to me & a lot of other Americans that means one - not a lot of little militias around the country that a bunch of different people make - and the Constitution speaks of the need for "a well-regulated militia" - which to me & a lot of other Americans means the National Guard. Well, that's my 2-cents worth. "We need love&peace..Lay down your guns. All u daughters of Zion, All u Abraham sons..Baby don't fight, we can talk this thing thru.."
  4. Wow, Cam - I hadn't seen that video b4. Thanx 4 posting! Americans who considered themselves Christian who supported what Reagan was doing in Central America didn't represent all American Christians. They didn't speak for me (although I'm American & Christian). They represented their own viewpoint. I understand where Bono was coming from. I don't think his viewpoint was simplistic - I think it is politics that oversimplifies things. In fact politics oversimplifies to the point of polarization - when it comes to important subjects, politics paints life as if there are only 2 opinion-positions to choose from - as if you're either a saint or you're evil - depending on which 'side' a person chooses. Real life isn't like that. Central Americans who were struggling for self-determination, human rights, & food to feed their families found themselves in the middle of 2 polarized extremes - a simplistic paradigm of 'capitalism vs communism.' In the process, a lot of truth & innocent human lives got sacrificed. The American Constitution & American laws were also flouted by some of the American politicians who supported what was going on in Central America. P.S. Speaking of 'Bullet The Blue..' which is a great song, there are only 2 people in the world who I'd 'take a bullet' for, & Bono's 1 of them (not that I'd want to think of such a thing ever happening, Lord forbid). It's not a celebrity thing & it's not that I think he's a saint - it's for the sake of the good he does.
  5. I hear ya, although it's not difficult to get Spanish-language music here in the U.S. Here's one I always liked of Ricky Martin's - in English & in Spanish:
  6. Great idea! Would love to do that again one of these days. I've been listening to U2 songs such as Mysterious Ways, New Years Day, plus classic hits of other bands, forgotten hits, themed music, Gospel choir music, Beatles, George Harrison, etc.
  7. Hey wow, some great information there Cam! And it's always good to read you posting, too. THANX for posting!
  8. Gwen Stefani in Carpool Karaoke w/ 2 surprise guests - Priceless! Some great tunes. And awesome & funny.
  9. Dude's voice is something else! Loving the sound & vibe, too. Good lyrics, too. "Oh father, tell me - do we get what we deserve?.." ´╗┐Icelandic indie pop/folk/rock band established in 2012. 'Way Down We Go' by Kaleo. https://youtu.be/sZ5SI6n1Ljs (Singer's voice is even more powerful on this recording) : https://youtu.be/VlCZ-DakfyE
  10. Extraordinary video for a great song.
  11. Just seeing you mention 'Bad' makes me remember U2's waaaay long-ago performance of 'Bad' that was so awesome at Live Aid.
  12. 1: U go,B-man - blazing thru congress! 2: U go,u2.com - for the webby! 3: I finally found my real name.

  13. For the month of St. Patrick - now this is what I call "the wearin' of the green"... ...the great Cyd Charisse dancing w/ Gene Kelly (who I think was Irish American, btw) - the song is 'Call Me' sung by Petula Clark: https://youtu.be/foXdmqh9k6s
  14. Beautiful to see green print here in March! Happy St. Patrick's weekend & Happy Springtime, too (1st day of Spring today).
  15. Was out at a restaurant yesterday - and there's no other day that you'd see a guy walk in wearing a kilt like happened yesterday.
  16. For the month of St. Patrick - now this is what I call "the wearin' of the green"... ...the great Cyd Charisse dancing w/ Gene Kelly (who I think was Irish American, btw) - the song is 'Call Me' sung by Petula Clark:
  17. Alma1

    E-stage Party

    Does anyone know the exact date that mirrorball-dude (Mark) finally made it up on stage? (I was so happy for him, btw.)
  18. . . I hope your interviews went well. Some jobs are kind of 'soul-killing' to someone who's meant for something different or would be happier in a different field. I just prayed for u that you'll find your way to something u love. Can't hurt, might help. I'm posting this song & video for u, Chris, in your situation. For 1 thing, the kid dressing up made me think of u getting ready for an interview. Some parts of Fallulah's music/videos are a different taste from my own, though there are some aspects of them I like, but I love this song & video: "...be who u can, 'cause u been dreamin' forever & now is your chance...Movin' along..."
  19. Alma1


    I just commented the same thing in 2016 (a little while ago) at your drawing of Larry at the drumkit - I said I like the font you used for the "U2." (I see u uploaded this in 2014.) Well, it is a great font. Beautiful.
  20. I can picture the scene in the music-video where someone in the band is dancing & someone else (or all of the others) in the band is/are checking out that guy's dancing, kind of considering it & appreciating it. Really funny. I loved it. I think Pop was a great concept. So was Discotheque. One of my all-time favorites from U2 is the remix of Discotheque w/ another one of their songs. Phenomenal.
  21. This drawing makes me think: Save. The. Trees.
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