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  1. Funny? That's Hilarious! Excellent. THANKS for Sharing that TerriB.
  2. "We're all sensitive people / with so much to share. Understand me sugar." (From 'Let's Get It On' sung by Marvin Gaye.) Any other lyrics-people here? When it comes to popular music, I'm a lyrics-person. (I appreciate & love all the aspects of music, though.) I will leave the impatient-for-more-songs people with these words of comfort & wisdom from the inspired poetry of Bono's lyrics: And if your way should falter along the stony pass, it's just a moment. This time will pass.
  3. "If you believe in love, let's get it on. Oooh, let's get it on baby!" ( Just kidding! )
  4. Hello Sigma957: Haven't had a chance to say hello til now. This isn't fighting. It's DISCUSSING. We'll have Love & Peace Or Else! Lol. All I know is when I saw where you said "Let's get it on!" I just thought of that sweet, sexy song that says "I'm asking you to get it on with me" (Marvin Gaye) Speaking of warnings, this is a Great song but let me add this word of Wisdom to women everywhere: Don't believe the guy in the song saying 'giving yourself to me could never be wrong if the love is true' - there's only one way you can begin to know if HIS love is "true" - he needs to put a ring on it! BEFORE. Other than that: a Great, sweet, sexy song! A classic. Did I get off track a little? But it was for a good cause: MUSIC. (Well if that's not turning the tables.)
  5. [quote name='basher1 wrote: gibbo1968']I'm with larry lol http://www.theonion.com/a...-africans-starving,1852/ Agreed, i really think u2 have lost many fans and many more potential fans because people were/are sick and tired of Bono banging on about it all as Billy Connolly once said about Sting and can be used the same with Bono "pick up your f'ing guitar and get back to work". I think he has done more harm than good with regards to the band and yeah he may be passionate about it but he's not have been able to do it without being a member of u2.....Musician first in my opinion. Hi Gibbo: I want to be sure you know the comment below is for Basher. You & I have gotten to know each other better & I understand you! But I don't know Basher or understand him so... Basher: Hello. Just sayin' - Funny how I know all about Sting & his music - but never heard of Billy Connolly. (I don't know - maybe I should have? Maybe I'll find out he's someone famous I should have known about & I'll be embarrassed. But for now...I don't remember hearing of him before.) I also know U2. Massively. And Your music? Sincerely asking: Should I know it? I'm serious - no offense if you're a musician, but I'm just making a point that I think should be kind of obvious, so I won't waste your time trying to explain it or spell it out. As far as you thinking U2 have lost "many" fans, etc because of Bono being a decent human being & a Hero: Where's your evidence of their fans supposedly disappearing? Get real. And anyone who Would stop being a U2 fan over Bono being a Hero was never a real U2 fan to begin with - & never 'Got' them to begin with. Good riddance. It's not as if The World's Largest Band can't afford to lose a few so-called 'fans' who don't really 'get' U2 anyways & do nothing but whine & complain about them anyways. What was all that red-warning stuff - I mean we're all U2 fans - right? Or are we? Do you know something we don't know like...is there a spy here from a competing band? Just trying to stir up trouble? Trying to get us all pitted against each other - divide and conquer & all that stuff? Well...they can't. We are: The House Of U2. We are diverse - different ones of us like different things about U2 - but The House Of U2 is Strong BECAUSE of it. I have believed that for years now. A house does not only have doors - it also has a roof. It also needs its foundation. Etc. U2 is strong because of Edge & Bono & Larry & Adam & their producer & etc & their Fans. You weren't trying to warn us about a serial killer were you? This could get INteresting. But it doesn't need to get that interesting. We're an interesting bunch enough as it is!
  6. What the heck is the "subs" side? Your comment about your kids & your own family being your priority is Ridiculous. What the heck is even your point? Because you have family members that means you don't have 30 seconds to sign a petition online? You Never have 1 & 1/2 minute out of an entire Month to pick up your phone & tell an elected official - who works for YOU - that he'd better vote for something that will save tens of thousands of kids' lives instead of another tax-break for a huge, wealthy corporation? Just because you have kids that means only yours deserve to breath air & have food to stay alive? Hey, join civilization & the modern era. The way you talk sounds like something out of the Dark Ages. And about what you said about Bono being able to save the world only because of the band: that's Ridiculous - you talk as if it's a 1-way street. IT'S NOT. Yes, Bono has a platform - U2 - from which to do his humanitarian work - but guess what? BONO BUILT THAT PLATFORM. Without Bono U2 would NEVER have gotten famous the way that it has, so please just stop acting like you can't have a life without a new album or some other new toy every time you turn around. It sounds incredibly childish & whingeing. And spoiled rotten. And Bono is not a puppet on a string at your beck & call. Also, that stuff about the supposed "billions" that you think someone owes you an accounting of: you're just pulling that out of the air & you know it. You haven't ACTUALLY read anything about any mismanagement of funds or charity scandal associated with Bono AND YOU KNOW IT. It just sounds like something you think you can say to try to tear down a HERO like Bono - for what? For the sake of you supposedly needing your newest, shiny bit of Entertainment? When I hear anyone trying to tear down a hero I always can't help but wonder about the possibility of jealousy. How would I know? But it's always a possibility. Just sayin'. People who talk the way you do are the kind of people Bono was talking about when he said that people complaining on the sidelines about his humanitarian work are the ones WHO WOULDN'T KNOW WHAT TO DO on the field IF they were on it - which they're not. In other words, they're just like armchair-quarterbacks. Easy for them to say 'what they think is what' about something they've never done themselves.
  7. Your first paragraph is 100% correct. You should've left it at that. Don't pander to spoiled brats. What the heck is their problem? They act like they have no life - at least not any that they can live without the latest, newer toy to play with. I said it before & I'll say it again: spoiled brats. Because of debt-forgiveness from the world's richest nations to the world's poorest countries - which BONO helped to get - there are more than 40 million more kids going to school now who were not getting an education before.
  8. liljbau: Yours is the Smartest comment I've seen today. HUGEly glad to make your acquaintance. I just popped onto this comment-thread for the 1st time from another one. I've been discussing this for the past few days on the Thanksgiving announcement comment-thread. YOUR 4-word comment sums up what I've been saying in thousands of words.
  9. [quote name='123love wrote: lori7']I also received mine today, I live north of Toronto. My package was opened about two thirds of the way as if someone was trying to get the cd's. I hope I am not missing anything, I have 2 cd's and a booklet. Should I have anything else in the package. It really sucks for those people who have waited so long and not receive it. Same with mine thankfully nothing was taken..Wow lori7 & 123love: So Was Mine. Everyone probably thinks theirs was just about the only one to arrive half-opened. lori7: I think I also had 2 cds & a large booklet. And I thought the same thing - that maybe someone locally (at the post office?) was trying to take something. If this has been happening to people receiving U22 in different states & different countries, it's probably not different people in different places trying to break into the packages. It would be more of a central thing - it's probably something about the outer package itself or the process of packaging the whole thing that needs to be changed. I'm in New York state, & lori - you said you're North of Toronto (I love Toronto by the way) - so I'm wondering where 123love is - where her package arrived at.
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