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    Mandela - mandala

    I can see that this is a mandala. An interesting play on words. It's reminding me now of a kaleidoscope. I hope it's ok for me to say that the 1st time I saw it as a small image, it reminded me of a pizza! : )
  2. Wow. I appreciate multi-colored drawings of yours and monochrome ones. But in this one, I especially appreciate that the 1 spot of color is the red mark on the back of the bird's head. Artistic. Beautiful lyric to accompany the drawing, too. : )
  3. Alma1

    A Memory

    Heartwrenching. Hmmm...will she ever reach him? Maybe if she gets a little more limber. But should she have to get acrobatic - or should he meet her halfway? Maybe if he opens his mind a bit to explore the edge of his thoughts at least a bit more - & opens his heart more & listens to his heart more.
  4. Alma1

    Two Poplars & a Birch

    Wow. Beautiful. Why shouldn't someone commission you to paint that on the side of a building? (Maybe painting murals on sides of buildings is an art in itself.) There's certainly at least 1 Robert Frost poem that would be happy to accompany this drawing of yours! (Probably more than 1.)
  5. Alma1

    Desert 1

    Love it. What a great palm tree. : )
  6. Alma1

    My Owl Drawing

    I've noticed a theme in your photography and drawings that has to do with trees - which is totally cool. I especially like the owl drawing (the entire drawing).
  7. Alma1

    My Owl Drawing

    Chris, I find it almost disturbing that I didn't know u were so artistically talented! The moon in the sky in your owl drawing looks like a black pearl on a shell. I'm thinking u meant to do that. And if u didn't, then maybe it was subconscious - & just go with it! Did u notice that your tree drawing is in the 'featured' gallery? As it should be! : )
  8. CAM! That is the strangest post I have ever read u post! I'm laughing my head off because I don't know what the heck you're talking about - what the heck u mean! (Which is kind of cute.) Are you: a ) making this up for fun, b ) sharing w/ us a nightmare you had, c ) telling us something you read or heard somewhere - but something's being left out of the story, d ) talking about something having to do w/an inside joke that other people here might understand but I don't? e ) or maybe you're pulling a joke on all of us - maybe just waiting to see if anyone will ask what that's all about? Etc.
  9. "It's grace. How sweet the sound." ~Bono.

  10. Bono is an Awesome human I Love - but he's not God & he wouldn't want to be called that.

  11. surrenders said: "Corporations rule nations and now artists." Well, at least U2 is in artistic control & have the power of their position. Not all musicians are so lucky, of course: Check it out man, I LOVE this letter! One musician takes a stand against an industry's abuse of musicians: http://www.digitalmusicnews.com/permalink/2013/11/06/whitey
  12. "...I have resolved to take a less hands-on role..." What Achtung Guy said about being sorry to see him step away. "Fans wanted McGuiness to go away." Well, that would be 'some' fans. Again, what Achtung Guy said. There was only 1 thing I ever didn't like about Mr. McGuiness, which I won't bother to mention, but overall always loved him. "In what would be one of the most surprising shifts in years among the forces behind pop megastars, Mr. Oseary, 41, would take over the day-to-day management of U2." That's all we need - the same manager that manages Madonna?! I see her influence in Miley Cyrus, btw. Not good. Well, U2 is in control of U2. Artistically. And at least that's how we all want it.
  13. Alma1

    Have To Count!

    9606 Btw, my not counting a few pages ago wasn't a protest of any kind. Pain/Chris: thnx for letting me know I forgot.
  14. P.S. Just let me add: An essay for 'Rolling Stone' by Bono. Cool.
  15. Wow. I read that article just as much for Bono's writing & the incidental-to-Lou-Reed content & ideas as anything. Wow. Bono is as good of a writer of things like this as he can be with lyrics. (And more.) Which isn't new. In fact, he's sometimes phenomenal at it.
  16. Alma1

    Have To Count!

    Good morning Malahide, Chris, Zhivvy, & our darling Janette. Wishing everyone a good day today.
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