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  1. The only gift is souvenir ticket, you can read this in ticket details. Best gift see U2 so close too
  2. No Rome RZ today too,sadly. I would to know how many persons it may contain.
  3. Again this morning Rome RZ is appeared for few minute, moving to cart were unavailble. Sad
  4. Impossible buy RZ for me in Rome; after 6 minute they were endend. Also on Ticketone VIP Packgages without presale code. Some bug everytime.
  5. No. Rz endend after 6 minute for Rome. It was possible buy without enter with presale code.
  6. A second date with same code presale. I hope this will possible
  7. I didn't see sit in Turin, but there's enough space to breathe. You can also move, come and go easily.
  8. We were in RZ on 4th September. More people in Rz, like us were disappointed. Not really adjacent area; we were near main stage and barricade but more behind us no, area too lateral. When band was at 'e stage' or railway we didn't seen nothing,also screen not really good during some songs. Some were waiting for amenities and refreshment, waiting for backstage extraction but it was made before the 18:30 as written. Rz is good for fast check in, barricades nearness if you arrive before concert start, souvenir ticket and RED donation. I suggest to U2 to modify this area for next dates or future tour.
  9. So if I want claim, who I should contact?
  10. I wuold know who's the blame. They sell a different product.
  11. good idea, same manager
  12. I'm thinking this ever more. I don't understand why I must go in GA if I've bought RZ!?!
  13. Sincerly I'm disappointed about RZ location. First I've bought RZ1 thinking it was Edge's side; second when I bought it, it was near 'e' stage on the map. I must have what I've pay! Then in a preconcert photo it was near runway. So I'm so sad! I think it would be moved for correctness of RZers. Maybe also moving 'L' with rotation, so that be in square stage and runway, not at the end GA. I've bought these ticket to see them closer, after I've ever seen from tribunes. I've choose make beneficence also. And yes I want privileges because we have made spme privations for pay 600 euro(2 tickets).
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