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    Greater LA Area
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    Reading and literature; hiking, nature, and animals; progressive politics; Dodgers baseball.
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    Achtung Baby
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    Current trending fave- Unknown Caller; Forever fave- The Fly.
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    Zoo TV: LA '92
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    LA 2018
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    LA 2015 and not the night I was in the very front of the RedZone, either, which I did not think could be topped, but it was!
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    Always Forever Bono-- I have a weakness for Wordsmiths. But I identify most with Edge. He's my spirit animal
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    The Police (and solo Sting who is on-par with Bono's lyrical prowess), The Mighty Zeppelin, Peter Gabriel (also lyrical master), The Dead (Robert Hunter had a way with words, too.)

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  1. I really appreciate all the interactive experiences the band has been hosting in order to promote the 20th anniversary.  You can tell they are suffering from audience withdrawal, which must be extremely difficult for an Uber-Extrovert like our man, Bono.  I am quite the introvert myself, but I can still empathize. ✌️ ❤️

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