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  1. I’ve been following these presales and general sales pretty closely. I verified myself like it asked in the instructions. I renewed my U2 account. But no where did I read that you have to verify for each show to get a code for the general sale. What makes me upset is I’m sure there are still tickets available to these shows right this second but no one can buy them cause you can’t get a code right now. This system is flawed. I’ll remain very upset with this band for the time being.
  2. I've never had these thoughts before but today I was like I think I want to start following other bands around. I'm beyond pissed off.
  3. The pre-sale was a disaster. I got shut out of Boston tickets and settled on a show in Oklahoma. To make matters worse I get on ticketmaster at 9am (one hour before public general sale) and when 10am comes along and I go in to purchase tickets I am greeted with a place to enter a code. What?! What do you mean I need a code to access the general public sale? Yeah sorry you cant get tickets unless you signed up for a code. Ok well let me sign up for a code to get tickets now. You can't. So how do I get tickets? You can't. Ummmm.....?! But yet I see a crap load of tickets on stubhub and other 3rd party sites. Great job
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