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  1. March 12, 2012. On this day, I went to Paard van Troje in The Hague, The Netherlands. Jonathan Jeremiah just released his first album, named ‘A Solitary Man’. The relaxed atmosphere was one of the things you immediately noticed the very moment you entered the room. I was there with my girlfriend (now my fiancé), along with my mate and his girlfriend. We were standing first row and some kind of magic happened there. Jonathan was making jokes and along with his beautiful orchestra, beautiful songs were turned into amazing live performances and I’m still happy with the printed set list I received afterwards. I listened (and still do) to his songs regularly and caught up with him later on Facebook. He wrote that he would perform on Belgium radio soon and he was searching for some covers he could play. At that moment, I lived in Finland (where I normally live in The Netherlands) and tried to have a small chat with him. I remembered a ‘With or without you’ version of Jonathan, and suggested that to him. He gave a reply quite fast, mentioning that ‘Bono in Belgium has a ring to it’. With other words, the Belgium people do think that Bono (and U2) is very attractive and they do like their music. And that reminds me of the second U2 gig during 360, September 23 in 2010. Bono mentioned: Sometimes, U2 shows in Brussels feel a bit like an earthquake, of the heart, of the soul… It felt lovely together. Jonathan Jeremiah really hit me in the soul during his concert in 2012, Jonathan mentioned it later on Facebook. But, Bono already said it during the second U2 gig in Brussels in 2010, that’s why I will never forget the Jonathan Jeremiah show. It made me aware of a lovely connection between my favourite artists!...
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    From the album: MyU2

    The wind will take care of you (and I)
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  4. This is so awesome! I really like the song
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