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  1. So I'm not even allowed to buy tickets?
  2. Just got home from work, logged onto ticketmaster to see what was left. I see tickets, but it says I have to enter a code to unlock tickets. I see a website listed up in the corner to register to get a code at, but the only date listed is a Montreal one. That's a bit too far. Apparently for every other single show, I had to pre-register a few days ago? Seriously? That can't be right. What am I missing? How do I buy tickets?
  3. Had a friend back out due to ankle problems this week. PM me. First come, first served. You'd need to go in with me of course. I'd like to get in line around 2-4, but at this point I can be flexible. Face value.
  4. The Bess Harrison picture is pretty clearly from Pittsburgh, not Miami. -yellow wristbands -yellow security -Lumineers gear on stage -angle of sunlight
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