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  1. Hi All

    Any info on the 2019 gift ?

    My eyes make a circle


    1. mich40


      Move your eyes over to the home page. It has been announced. πŸ˜€

    2. Hank134



  2. Hi mich40 Thanks for the fast reply. My eyes make a circle.
  3. Hi All Has the u2 3D vinyls being posted out ?
  4. Thank you Max for the fast reply. I Will. Hank134
  5. Hi All Any info on the 2018 gift u2 3D dance mix being posted out & getting a link on your account info ? Hopefully someone can answer ? My Eyes Make Circle.
  6. Hi CorkVegan I opted for the unannounced 2018 gift,cause the JT vinyls was the 2017 gift when I renewed.
  7. Hi All, I am subscribed until Jan 2019 and I received the Joshua Tree vinyls as the 2017 subscription gift. My question is will I receive the 2018 gift (U2 3D Dance Mixes) as the information on my accounts says that I have already redeemed my gift but this was for the 2017 gift (Joshua Tree vinyls). My eyes make a circle Hopefully someone can help me out Thanks
  8. Hi All I got my prints today......................Thanks very much
  9. Happy Birthday Adam.........Oh too walk in your shoes.....
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