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  1. P. S...if for some reason we get a lightening storm... It will cancel... You will get a refund, but lose Ticketmaster fee.

  2. They will play in the rain... And it will rain, but by the time U2 hits the stage... It probably won't be raining... The weather pattern is always afternoon showers. For those of us in GA... Bring the rain ponchos for sure. Oh and clear bags everyone

  3. It was the week before November 14th 1988, and I was just turning 16 years old. I lived in a small Pocono Mountain Town in Pennsylvania. I'd already been a U2 fan for 4 years, during a time when they were not a house hold name yet, but they were just about there after watching them win big at the Grammy awards (it was a time when watching the Grammys at that age and time was So Exciting) My best friend and I were only living 2 hours outside NYC, but we were Isolated in our small town in Pennsylvania, and a lot of research we did about U2 back then, well some of it was misinformed. For a long time we believed Peter Rowen (U2 Boy-War Boy) was a true Refugee Child from some far off land. Our world was small. Anyway, I had not seen U2 in concert yet, I was too young to go, too far away from a stadium, no money...but it was in November 1988 that Rattle and Hum Premiered in NYC, and my Dad said would you like to Celebrate your 16th Birthday in NYC at the Hard Rock Café (that was a big deal in the 80's too) so I of course agreed, because I knew Rattle and Hum was still playing at Loews. That was my first U2 concert, ...well concert Movie in a movie theatre. We already had worn out our VHS tape of Live at Red Rocks, but this was different, this was a BIG Screen Concert. It took our breaths away. No We were not there when U2 was, I believe we were there almost two weeks after the Premiere. Seeing Running to Stand Still on that Big Screen, Like we were on the stage with them...it stuck with my best friend and I at a very young age, not much sends chills down the spine of a 16 year old, but U2 did. To Quote Morrissey (another artist who made a big impression in a different way) those were "The songs that saved our lives" As soon as I got a car we went to all the tours after that, and we always had that breath taking experience...but Rattle and Hum will always be with me like yesterday. Thank you U2 for the 30 years of Breath Taking Magic, Life Performances, and Comfort!


    Lora Glazer

    Tampa, Florida    





  4. The only confirmed thing I've heard recently was only about the album release for possibly 2013, That Interview with Adam in Hot Press Magazine He was quoted in saying...

    "We very much want to have a record out by the end of the year, September, October, November; (he is speaking of 2013:) that kind of time. We're working with Dangermouse who's a smart guy. He's on it; he's excited"

    If anything is going to happen, we should hear about it this summer, for pre-orders, and then not till then would we know about a tour, I think!

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