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  1. From the album: Montreal June 12, 2015

    © Photo By Lora Glazer

  2. From the album: Montreal June 12, 2015

    Adam....Taken First Night Montreal by Me, Lora G.

    © Photo By Lora Glazer

  3. It was the week before November 14th 1988, and I was just turning 16 years old. I lived in a small Pocono Mountain Town in Pennsylvania. I'd already been a U2 fan for 4 years, during a time when they were not a house hold name yet, but they were just about there after watching them win big at the Grammy awards (it was a time when watching the Grammys at that age and time was So Exciting) My best friend and I were only living 2 hours outside NYC, but we were Isolated in our small town in Pennsylvania, and a lot of research we did about U2 back then, well some of it was misinformed. For a long t
  4. Friend Val and I under Marquee, First Week of opening of Rattle and Hum (NYC)
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