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  1. Alcon

    Dublin 17

    1st dublin gig
  2. Just back from dublin - what an experience - lovely folk from all over the work descended on croke -- excellent 1st time for me 

  3. Is anyone heading to the Clarence hotel Dublin on 21st July ??

    1. MCFISTO


      you will want to be at the shelbourne for some celeb spotting

    2. Alcon


      Will check out its location , thanks

  4. Murrayfield stadium -1987 ,a great show , Dublin this time around /so looking forward to it on their own ground
  5. Happy birthday "Paul Hewson "! Enjoy the craic

  6. I think we get quite a bit for our money as we subscribe again .. What's 40 dollars -£££ these days I'd pay that to secure a ticket to see u2 ,,,, think of the folk that never managed to see them this time around !

  7. Great gift from u2.com once again & a wee clue? Before heading back out on the road ???

  8. Just getting ready to re - subscribe

  9. home alone 1st one --- 25 years old , can't believe it ,,, merry Xmas ya all x

    1. pain_18_


      Oh Please !!! I'm gonna cry !!!!! Has it been that long ?????

  10. Paris concerts are gonna be very emotional

  11. Just about to re - subscribe , are we getting the same gifts as last year ?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. pain_18_


      Jut kidding...Was trying to give it a hilarious twist...I don't have a clue...

    3. Alcon


      There's 3 packages to choose from , but they are same gifts as we may all have , maybe just have to order a duplicate lol

    4. pain_18_


      They fixed it....Everyone's subscriptions have been prolonged So you'll be able to choose your gift when the time comes !

  12. This tour is amazing , but still for me , it doesn't beat the 360 phenomena

  13. Really hope these guys go into 2016 , hope all 2016 rumours are true

    1. utwothefly


      Looks promising for a stadium tour next year :)

    2. Alma1


      Say it again, Alcon! Believe it to achieve it. We all have to think it collectively & make it happen! Personally, I hope they still do smaller venues though. :)

  14. So sad to be back , 4 days in Amsterdam , shows were outstanding , & couple of different songs each night , love Amsterdam & of course our U2 boys

    1. stanley14


      Nothing lasts forever. But I hope you had a GREAT time! :)

    2. Alcon


      Yea we did , they released Ireland dates when we were there , but can't afford to go , but still glad we done Amsterdam ,, I'm sure I saw a post that your turns coming up , I'm sure your going to enjoy them as much as we did ,,

    3. Alcon


      Yea we did . They released Ireland dates when we were there too , but can't afford to do them , but still glad we done Amsterdam, sure I seen a post that it was your turn soon , I'm sure your gonna enjoy them as much as we did

  15. Thanks for the above info , very helpful , we too are GA tickets , travelling to your great city on the 7th & leaving on the 10th , we are staying at the frisco inn just over from grasshopper , might see you there ?
  16. Our tickets were booked about a year ago , our time has eventually come , 2 days to go , fly to Amsterdam tomorrow AM, ready for concert on the 8th ,,, any one wishing to meet up , we will be in the GRASSHOPPER :-)

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    2. stanley14


      Sure! It can not be more perfect!!

    3. jenmusic


      maybe Ill see you sept 8th in the GA Line :)


    4. Alcon


      We very much hope so , we're so looking forward to them it's been a long time coming

  17. Hope there's no mishaps with the band on their time off ,, Turin to go then it's my turn :-)

    1. pain_18_


      Hoping Edge is On Fire in the studio for SOE !!!!

  18. I'm a massive fan of stadium shows , but this looks amazing ,, roll on September !

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