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  1. They've mixed the dates up for London (20) and MCR (24). Should be other way round.
  2. Saturday 20th is now showing on LiveNation page.
  3. Crikey. Is that a good lower tier seat you've got for £101 ? I don't mind so much paying that as paid €110 for an upper tier Croke Park seat nearer the back than the front. Hopefully will be able to bag two on tomorrows sale.
  4. Well done. What are the various ticket prices please ?
  5. There is a rank bad smell about this. How can 50,000 + tickets be sold/shifted in 10 minutes with nobody seemingly able to get through (assuming 20,000 U2 members got them in presale and balance are for corporates). It is 100% certain that TM will be doing deals with Touts (call them what you want) in order that they sell them on Getmein. STENCH ! So glad I bit the bullet and re-joined u2.com and secured mine last week. Even that was a battle!
  6. That's funny. I'm jealous! Just booked Maldron Parnell Square -- did the "Advance Pay" option for €271 a night, July 21 and 22. I'll need to forego eating, paying bills, etc., but at least I found a place to stay. I paid in advance too before we'd even got tickets so it was do or die to get the tickets this morning!
  7. Hello everyone, long time fan (but not an Uber fan!) been a paid member here three years previously but never posted for some reason, finally managed the holy grail of getting Croke Park tickets, I will now die a happy man Favourite album is TUF. cheers
  8. They always previously made a point about keeping prices low. Even on the 360 tour they kept the majority of tickets at a reasonable level. I think the lack of record sales has now blown sensible pricing apart as very little can be gained from album sales nowadays so bands have to squeeze more from their live audience to make up the shortfall. What made me laugh (or not) today was that Twickenham UK prices are higher in £ GBP than equivalent tickets in € Euro ! Unbelievable - There's the exchange rate differential and then VAT is 23% in IE and 20% in UK !!
  9. So...now everyone has got their tickets (or not..), where is everyone staying ? I looked on booking.com on Tuesday and there was very little city centre accommodation < €300 a night for a double/twin. Some really silly prices or just plain booked. I got a guest house/hotel for €239 on Parnell Square, which is just a ten minute walk to the stadium and ten minutes walk the opposite direction to the city centre. I feel a Guinness-a-thon of a weekend coming on
  10. You've got to give a carrot to get people interested in a product, so why not make it the presale code? Quite right that loyalty is rewarded and as a new subscriber I fully agree existing members should have first dibs. However, having so many levels would be absurd - how many new members do you think they gained in 2016? Not many I'd guess, so I don't think you've been going toe to toe in the scrum today with thousands of new subscribers. I've paid my 50 and try my luck for Croakers tomorrow, if I'm unsuccessful i'll just take it on the chin and wont bleat about it.
  11. a lot, I tell you. ....presales for I+E were crazy due to limited capacity. Luckily, Croke Park has large capacity, but nevertheless you'll come across people from all over the world. Always cool. Yeah no doubt it will be fantastic. I took the chance of booking a central hotel today. There's very little left that's decent for <€350, I got a 3* guesthouse for €220 a ten minute walk from the stadium / city centre.
  12. Interesting to know how many paid subscribers are there on u2.com, and how many will be in for croke park ? !
  13. Hi Bigwave, Dublin Saturday. Probably the most in-demand show of the lot. I'd just be happy to land any ticket to be there, not bothered about being in the zone etc, being there for the atmosphere is the main thing. I'm just curious as to how these things work from members past experience. Obviously last tour had a limited number of tickets being arenas, I'd have hoped that if you are a member you'd have a shot at a ticket, even if it's the back row in the house, before the general sale happens.
  14. Thanks for the info. What I wondered was whether there are only a limited amount of tickets for the pre-sale. For instance are there just say 5000 tickets held for presale and the rest go general (or to the agencies for re-sale!)?
  15. Hello guys, I'm new on here (like you guessed!), long time fan but only had a paid up membership once. Now I've got a pre-sale code, would you say I'm fairly certain to get a ticket, albeit may not be best of my choice if I'm in the wires group. As with no doubt many others, bucket-list of seeing the lads in Dublin, having seen them several times in UK. So, does the pre-sale just have a set number of tickets, or does it allow all members to be satisfied by close on Friday ? Cheers
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