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  1. Hey guys, just wondering if anyone has any advice on getting to and back from the Forum, for the LA gigs. Staying in downtown LA, but finding it rather difficult to find transport to and back from the location. Any suggestions much appreciated.
  2. Any mods help. I renewed my account last week taking me until the 1st November 2018. Now when I try to verify my account for the presale its telling my i need to subscribe or renew with one of the 2018 subscription packages. Surely I am not expected to pay another $40?
  3. Hey allad1nsane00, I am based in Dublin. So if you are still stuck and haven't got it delivered by the time you leave, I can always offer my address and can meet you somewhere for collection then.
  4. Is that 399 for both tickets? I have 2× tickets for block h (108 euro each), so could trade them plus the 200 difference for these?
  5. Did you use the same card and billing address? Got 2 tickets for belfast and 2 for dublin and just worried they will cancel the order....
  6. Really? I found that suprisingly easy. Got offered tickets using the app and website for saturday.
  7. So who is going to chance by tickets for different shows tomorrow after the presale purchases?
  8. No one seems to have a definite answer. Conflicting answers coming directly from ticket master themselves.
  9. Heard it advertised on the radio there as two tickets per transaction. Make of that what you will...
  10. Just heard it advertised on the radio there. On this occasion they said 2 per transaction. To me this means that you are not limited to 2 tickets for the whole set of shows. Make of that what you will....
  11. Separate accounts, with use of different billing address would be my guess.
  12. Out of interest how did you manage to get pre sale tickets as a free subscriber?
  13. Same with my girlfriend. Trying there and still not accepted
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