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  1. Any mods help.

    I renewed my account last week taking me until the 1st November 2018. Now when I try to verify my account for the presale its telling my i need to subscribe or renew with one of the 2018 subscription packages.

    Surely I am not expected to pay another $40?



  2. I went a little crazy.. I wanted to go to Belfast got 2 tickets for 19th and 2 tickets for 28th went back and was able to get 2 for the 27th. I may end up with an extra to some of those nights.. 


    Did you use the same card and billing address? Got 2 tickets for belfast and 2 for dublin and just worried they will cancel the order....

  3. Hi all,


    I cant find this info on any site - maybe I'm looking in the wrong place. My question is - I've purchased Presale tickets last Thursday - is it possible for me to purchase more tickets in the General Sale tomorrow morning? Ticketmaster does state 2 tickets per credit/debit card per household - but it doesn't state if this is per show or over the total of the Dublin shows. thanks guys.....

    Out of interest how did you manage to get pre sale tickets as a free subscriber?

  4. Rather disappointed myself with this to be honest. Was hoping for perhaps a greater variation in the setlist especially after spending almost $650 for two tickets given all the speculation beforehand of how different the two nights would. I'm sure it will still be a great concert, but I feel it could be mixed up a great deal more then what we currently are seeing. 

  5. I am assuming my $300 seats that are labeled side stage Section 115 are next to the main stage. at least I hope they will be. I have a feeling the bigger squared stage on the St Jose Map would be the B Stage / sound area

    Got tickets for 115 aswell. Panicked bought them after having a hard time getting tickets. I presume they will be ok seats directly opposite the main stage, since no mention of a restricted view.


    seatgeeks and some venue pages offer a "live" view of the sections. It shows an image of where your section is and how far you are from the stage. Will definitely be helpful for people looking to get tickets


    Yes, ordinarily.  But the real problem is that it isn't yet entirely clear where the main stage is.  Most likely, it's on the other end from the RZs (see various threads; e.g., Stage Design).

    Looks like that's the case. Tickets behind the stage, that are at the far end of the red zone all have restricted views. So I presume lower bowl seats might not have a perfect view there.

  7. Had 2 tickets at 12:01 for floor standing and when I was about to confirm it, the system went mad and I couldn't get any tickets. How does live nation want us to buy through pre sale if they have 100 tickets for MSG per show

    Disappointed in the whole presale again. Same problems as last time. Between it searching for tickets for over 10mins, to being unable to process my order.


    Honestly can understand how their servers can't even handle a presale

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