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  1. A great performance. Certainly one to treasure. The only thing which could really be edited out is the frequent sitting down interview sessions. They added nothing to the context of the album and whilst I think Cat Deeley (interviewer and host) is lovely she poses simple basic questions. I'd rather the band stayed up on stage and rattled through the set. Less is often more. I'm surprised Larry didn't complain about having to perform a song, sit down with Cat to answer a pointless question and then get up again to do another song.
  2. I've been a critical fan of late with some of the teeny pop singles they've released. HOWEVER, the album is far better than the sum of its parts. I agree with others in that this is perhaps their best collective body of work since their return to form in the early 2000s. It's a personal album from Bono about I guess the fragility of life and love. Yes no sweeping landscapes of the JT or sonic overload of the 1990s, but it will be remembered as a key record and perhaps the turning point from where U2 can certainly return to the creative place they once knew well. I am enjoying the record - it will get played again and again. It is an intimate record - something that will stand the test of time. I've given it 4 stars on my amazon review - docking one star for their choice of singles to release - perhaps they've bowed to commercial pressures there. U2 don't need to compete with their contemporaries in the business. They simply need to do what they do best and write from the heart. P.S. The artwork is wee bland I think. An opportunity wasted - A t-shirt with the album cover isn't something I'd rush to wear. There's nothing exciting in it - I understand the message but it doesn't really make for great mechanising. Minor gripe. The music is good so that's the main thing.
  3. Agree with the poster above (Manohlive). I rate songs by will they be played (on the radio, etc.) years after the album or song is released? The Best Thing falls into the No camp. One song I really love from SOI is "Song for someone". Really moving, emotive and powerful. I hope the album is like that. It shows they do have it in them but perhaps those who decide what is released as a single are more interested in cheesy pop songs. :-)
  4. Agree Edge makes the song. Otherwise it is just too light weight airy fairy and won't be played in 30 years time....unlike Bullet which was an epic performance.
  5. Hoping the soon to be release album is indeed "the best thing" U2 have created. It's been long in the making. Whilst I have created a positive spin, this is also a career defining album for U2. If it is not an "epic" album, I can't see them being able to come back and release anything better. If they can't this time around topple the Joshua Tree or give birth to another AB, there isn't much evidence to date that they ever will. And perhaps as fans we are happy with whatever they release. And to be honest that's fine. The question is...is that fine for U2?
  6. Catchy but rather light weight effort from U2. Not really moving me in any way. 5 out of 10. Let's hope the album is better else I can't see them coming back from this. I remember comments to the effect that they want to release their best work. This isn't it.
  7. That rings true... Some good discussions from everyone here and all opinions (nice ones) are good ones. I appreciate some fans may not have seen earlier tours and sure always good to see them live. The thought I like to leave you all with is "Will SOE be their defining album? The one that topples ATB and JT in terms of commercial success? One hopes it is and that the time spent doing the JT 2017 tour isn't something that could have been used to make SOE even better. What makes a great U2 album become one that we will cherish? Answer: Pressure, conflict and self-doubt. If you think back they always delivered the goods when under pressure and challenged either by the critics or their own self doubt. The Joshua tree came out of them feeling they were not real musicians. Pre-JT, U2 were a raw energetic young band fighting to establish themselves on the World stage. They were big but not really as well known as other greats. They went away to discover harmonies, the blues...and wrote those songs you will hear again in a few months. Then in the late 80s, the critics tore them apart for Rattle and Hum. They were made out to be the boring clean cut band trying to save the world. Self righteous, etc. The result...a time of confusion and self-doubt at the end of the 80s. They went away and through probably one of their most challenging periods gave birth to Achtung Baby ushering in a new era of irony and Rock and Roll. Underneath all that glamour, it was U2 having the last laugh because their passion for their personal causes remained strong. It just found a new vehicle in which to reach out and make a difference. Roll forward to ATYCLB - they felt like giants of the past. Confined to the stadiums. What did they do? Small arena gigs to "reclaim their fans". Striped down music, no efforts just the guys on stage reconnecting with their fans and picking up new ones. Again a successful album and tour because there was a purpose behind what they set out to achieve. It was strong enough for them to stay on course. And now 2011+, I see a lack of direction and purpose. SOI and SOE?..no just SOI and then we will do SOE a year later because most of the songs are ready. Then no, we are going away to do some writing because we've had a creative spurt...Then yes dust off the Joshua Tree because it is relevant again.... As someone above said, they can do what they want. That's true. But this is U2 and we know they have a connection with their fans to release great music. They don't want to be a heritage act (not just yet!). They want to be creative and push the envelope as far as it can go...and push it even further... That, for U2 means there needs to be inherent challenges and outside forces to drive them to greatness. They need to be pushed into a corner like a boxer. Against the ropes, trying to find a way out. If that happens, we just might have something much bigger than the sum of its parts. Bigger than U2 itself.... We have seen them do that in the past. I want to see it in the future. I see the JT 2017 tour as a distraction for them. Something we often do when we don't want to face what we should really be doing. SOE will be good. I don't doubt that. I am just not sure(at this stage) if it will be epic... well let's hope it is... Good night and see you in London on the 8th. Phone is ringing..Looks like Bono telling me to stop my nagging as he has a plan up his sleeve...
  8. Commercially U2 have to top the Joshua Tree, not try to regrow it. They are striving to leave a legacy and creative pile of music against which they will be judged. I don't see how 2017's Joshua Tree tour can be a "creative" success. Life is short - why are they wasting it with pushing out stuff done before. No matter how you dress up the stage, the songs have been sang before (albeit we want to hear one or two they haven't played live). The more I think about it, the more I am feeling it is a mistake. When you remember any prior album or tour, it's firmly framed in your mind from that part of your life. Now it will be a case of "Joshua Tree? Oh yeah which tour do you mean? The old one or the one they did again in 2017". The U2 I know and love used to reinvent itself. Challenge the norms and push the boundaries of what is possible. I don't want them to become a heritage act - they need to hang their guitars before that happens. What you do guys think? Releasing a 30 year anniversary box set with "new" material is fine but not touring it makes no creative sense at all. I don't believe any of the hype. Yes it is a U2 tour and we are going to like it. But wouldn't you rather hear new material that is relevant now? It's too late now as the tour is booked, If I could have a word with them I'd say "please get back in that Studio and make SOE poignant and reflective of the troubled times we find ourselves . Don't replant the Joshua Tree! You spent the 90s chopping it down. Leave it well alone. We love it and it will always be remembered..."
  9. I would have liked SOE and dont really believe the JT30 hype -inc. the rushed look and feel to the tour publicity flyer, video, etc. My view I think JT is being used to create interest in the band to sell SOE off the back of - As there was a risk that SOE would be lost in the noise of the current throw away Pop culture because SOE wasnt completed in the originally announced time frame. I may be wrong but thats what the cynic in me says. That said looking forward to seeing a show or two of the JT30. But totally agree we need more Pop, U2's greatest album and tour in my view .... love it Remaster .... Please! I want to say this in a nice way and hope it comes out as such ... U2 spend more time in the studio making music instead of instagraming your holiday snaps. .... dont believe the hype .... +1 They should have focused on SOE - putting this JT tour out will be commercially a success, but creatively it is going BACKWARD. It is an unclear message from a band that once proud itself on reinventing and being innovative. Perhaps a limited small scale JT reboot would have been good rather than slap it into the middle of SOI and SOE. JT30 isn't a surprise - everyone knew it would be 30 years in 2017. Yes the changing political landscape is impacting the world but really? Is that why U2 thought it would be great to tour with it again in 2017? I often find fans go wild at the slightest mention of any tour. Yes it is good to see the band in person but we really need to be more critical (some are which is good) because that is what drives them to do BETTER. I agree with the poster above that is is to make £, meet commercial obligations and generate interest. No doubt it will be a good tour and we will all be raving about hearing the songs again. I would give up seeing them on the JT30 tour if they spent that time in the STUDIO making SOE their greatest creative work - something to surpass the JT. To me that is the mark of greatness - not looking back at what you did before. Perhaps I am a middle aged grumpy man! However, I still want to feel the way I did when hear JT, Acthung Baby for the first times. Blown away by something that is lights years ahead of whatever else was around at the time. U2 need to do that with SOE.
  10. Whilst I am happy to see the band on tour again, I feel it is not right to tour the Joshua Tree. The band has made promise after promise regarding SOE and now it is likely they'll have a creative streak in 2017 and postpone SOE until 2018 or beyond. It is better to under promise and over deliver - U2 please take note. They need to complete SOE fully and then consider touring with the Joshua Tree. Whilst being in the UK is great, I feel for fans in Australia, South America, South Africa, NZ and the far east. We can get selfish in Europe and the USA. I'd be happy for them to tour there first - even with the Joshua Tree to give our brothers and sisters there a chance to see the band. I appreciate the changing Political climate and relevance of the Joshua Tree. In my mind that album is firmly set in the late 80s - I listen to it to remind me of that era. If the songs have relevance again, then pull them into the SOE shows - don't re-invent something you have done perfectly. Having said all this, I will be eagerly using my presales code like everyone else!
  11. A lot of bands change their viewpoint on music and life as they age (just as we do). The hunger and passion to change the world led U2 to many a great track in the 80s. The world around them shaped their music and if you were of a similar age at the time it also touched a nerve with you. Whilst they still have the passion, their world has now changed. Music has changed but U2 were always ahead of the curve with music. However, they are older, married with families and responsibilities (to fans as well as their music). Regardless of their desire, the unique creative juice needed to make epic albums (by epic I also mean commercially successful) such as the Joshua Tree and Achtung Baby hasn't been there of late. That is not to say they haven't written great music since 1991. They have. But if you ask U2 personally they will still tell that they are yet to release their best work. As others, I have grown up listening to U2 and their music defines various years in my life. The band are masters of their art and doing great with the new music and tour. HOWEVER, for me I do still yearn for music that invokes feelings of vast landscapes (Joshua Tree) or the textures, sonic overload, excitement, contradiction of Achtung Baby. Perhaps both I and U2 were a certain age at that time that allowed for me to appreciate the music and for them to feel that it was the right time to do it. We need sonic textures, new sounds, challenging music which drives them to their creative best. I am sure SOE will be great but will it be "epic"? Will it be a sonic experience that pushes the limits of what any other band has done before? Can U2 have "another baby"? I am not asking for Achtung Baby part 2 - more a case of asking for that smack in the face we all got when we played the record (I had the vinyl :-)) or the cassette and heard the opening sounds of Zoo station which stayed with you until Acrobat U2 know themselves that they need to release an "epic" album. Let's hope SOE is that.
  12. Dear all, Some of you may have ready my earlier post about being pulled out of the queue and made to wait because the fan at the front of queue did not recognise me and said I did not have a number.on my hand that he gave out. I have formally logged a compliant to the O2 event management team on the manner in which the queue was managed by the official security staff. I actually queued for 7 hours with my friends (with fans behind me confirming that I'd been there from the morning). However, yes I did jump the queue as I arrived after my friends. My 2 friends had informed the fan giving numbers that I was arriving late and had OK'd this with the people around them. I thought this was how the U2 community worked? I found the fan who checked numbers to be arrogant and little rude to many people - you might have been one of them who missed your number because he crossed you off the list? If you want to enforce your own system as fans then be fair and consistent and tell people that you cannot hold a space for another person. A number of people did move up the queue. I was also shocked at a small number of fans who gathered around to point fingers and complain that I had jumped the queue. A few people had done the same - I assume with approval from others but I had been queuing for over 7 hours and had not in my view jumped the queue. Indeed, I was actually very reluctant to move up the queue but my friends who were in the next aisle said they'd cleared it. I actually ended up right next to the rail inside the arena after going in after my friends. My original entry point in the queue was only a little behind where my friends were. The event management team at the O2 venue have confirmed that it is not their responsibility to issue unofficial numbers. They have apologized for taking the action they did and are conducting an investigation. So if you were the fan pointing fingers at me on the 29th, take some time to think about how you reacted to others - especially if they thought they had permission to join the queue. I won't be queuing at another U2 concert. After following them for over 25 years and always queuing, I think I'll leave the queuing out for future concerts.
  13. Well not a great experience queuing in GA for London # 3. I am only writing this so that everyone is aware of what could happen. I thought U2 fans were a friendly community, and by and large we are, however, my experience was a little disconcerting and a very small minority of those in the queue on the 29th in London were annoyed at people jumping ahead of them and I was apparently "the people jumping ahead of them". It led to my group of friends to feel very upset as they felt there was unfair and inconsistent treatment of regulating the queue. Some of the very early fans were crossed off the number list by the self regulating fans (harshly) because they had popped off to the toilet or to get a drink. To cut a long story short, my friends arrived early and a got number in the self governing system of writing something on the back of their hand. They informed one of the fans - name begins with "V" but I won't name him personally that they had another fan arriving (me) who could not queue too early due to health reasons. They also informed the fans near them.. I arrived 2 hours after them with another 50 - 60 people (1.5 rows behind them) and stayed in my spot as I didn't want to jump ahead. After chatting to a few friendly fans near me, my friends pulled me over to them - it's a 7 to 8 hour queue time and to be 1.5 rows behind and not chat to sit with them would be silly. They told me it was fine as they'd cleared it with the people nearby as well as the person giving the numbers. Whilst some of you may say I queue jumped - and I did - I thought as a small community for the one person to join his friends wouldn't be too bad. But I fully appreciate that if 4 or 5 of my mates turn up and do that it is unfair. So yes a touchy subject but what would you do? I asked a few of the fans ahead of me if I could join my group and they said yes but off course they cannot speak for everyone. All is good and 6 to 7 hours goes by. Around 5pm before the wrist banding the fans in charge of the self regulating system wasn't happy (not sure if someone had complained of others jumping the queue as well?). I don't know his name and he may be well known here so I will keep this factual. He started his checking near me and after arguing with two people ahead (unsure of reasons) he got to me and raised a fuss as I didn't have a number. My friends protested it was agreed and I had been with them for the bulk of the day without issue. However, he called security and another group of fans stood around unhappy at it. We had security and a some annoyed fans around our little group of 4. To top it off, another fan (Mr V) comes over and gives me a telling off in public. Thankfully some fans nearby stood up and confirmed that I had been with my group for 7 hours and had not just queue jumped at 5 pm. That would be unacceptable and everyone would have the right to be annoyed.. I remained silent as it was just a spectacle. In the end I told security I will stay with my group and join the queue back where I came (not far behind). More than happy to do that but all this attention and fuss is just upsetting and dampening the excitement of the concert. I had the beanie on and was pulled to the side to wait and re-join the queue at the point where I entered. You may have seen me there... So if you are going to self regulate the queue as a fan - please be polite, show insight and chat to anyone who may have jumped in a considerate manner. Why create a scene and ruin what turned out to be a lovely concern. Don't penalise one person if you have had (apparently) many compliants of people jumping the queue. Be fair and consistent. After many years of doing GA and never having a problem letting in the odd one person ahead of me if they are joining their friends ( assuming it is not at the 11th hour) I left the gig with a sour taste in my mouth.
  14. Hello All, Great guide from Joe but like others I have some specific questions for London. I am hoping those who have been to the two shows so far at the O2 can share some advice. I have GA tickets but cannot (for other reasons) queue from the morning. The group I plan to go with are starting to queue from the morning. Whilst I have done that in the past, when I was 20 years younger, I can't do that on the 29th at the O2. I am also respective of those who do queue early and they should, rightly, be able to have access to the better spots. I have read a post from someone who turned up late and got near to the rails at the O2. I am hoping other can share stories both of queuing from the morning and whether arriving mid afternoon (3pm) still allows for a good position. Appreciate your input and apologies if there is another thread with this information. I haven't visited these shores in awhile. Perhaps when U2 last came to town... A
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