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  1. A great performance. Certainly one to treasure. The only thing which could really be edited out is the frequent sitting down interview sessions. They added nothing to the context of the album and whilst I think Cat Deeley (interviewer and host) is lovely she poses simple basic questions. I'd rather the band stayed up on stage and rattled through the set. Less is often more. I'm surprised Larry didn't complain about having to perform a song, sit down with Cat to answer a pointless question and then get up again to do another song.
  2. I've been a critical fan of late with some of the teeny pop singles they've released. HOWEVER, the album is far better than the sum of its parts. I agree with others in that this is perhaps their best collective body of work since their return to form in the early 2000s. It's a personal album from Bono about I guess the fragility of life and love. Yes no sweeping landscapes of the JT or sonic overload of the 1990s, but it will be remembered as a key record and perhaps the turning point from where U2 can certainly return to the creative place they once knew well. I am enjoying the record
  3. Agree with the poster above (Manohlive). I rate songs by will they be played (on the radio, etc.) years after the album or song is released? The Best Thing falls into the No camp. One song I really love from SOI is "Song for someone". Really moving, emotive and powerful. I hope the album is like that. It shows they do have it in them but perhaps those who decide what is released as a single are more interested in cheesy pop songs. :-)
  4. Agree Edge makes the song. Otherwise it is just too light weight airy fairy and won't be played in 30 years time....unlike Bullet which was an epic performance.
  5. Hoping the soon to be release album is indeed "the best thing" U2 have created. It's been long in the making. Whilst I have created a positive spin, this is also a career defining album for U2. If it is not an "epic" album, I can't see them being able to come back and release anything better. If they can't this time around topple the Joshua Tree or give birth to another AB, there isn't much evidence to date that they ever will. And perhaps as fans we are happy with whatever they release. And to be honest that's fine. The question is...is that fine for U2?
  6. Catchy but rather light weight effort from U2. Not really moving me in any way. 5 out of 10. Let's hope the album is better else I can't see them coming back from this. I remember comments to the effect that they want to release their best work. This isn't it.
  7. That rings true... Some good discussions from everyone here and all opinions (nice ones) are good ones. I appreciate some fans may not have seen earlier tours and sure always good to see them live. The thought I like to leave you all with is "Will SOE be their defining album? The one that topples ATB and JT in terms of commercial success? One hopes it is and that the time spent doing the JT 2017 tour isn't something that could have been used to make SOE even better. What makes a great U2 album become one that we will cherish? Answer: Pressure, conflict and self-doubt. If yo
  8. Commercially U2 have to top the Joshua Tree, not try to regrow it. They are striving to leave a legacy and creative pile of music against which they will be judged. I don't see how 2017's Joshua Tree tour can be a "creative" success. Life is short - why are they wasting it with pushing out stuff done before. No matter how you dress up the stage, the songs have been sang before (albeit we want to hear one or two they haven't played live). The more I think about it, the more I am feeling it is a mistake. When you remember any prior album or tour, it's firmly framed in your mind from that part
  9. I would have liked SOE and dont really believe the JT30 hype -inc. the rushed look and feel to the tour publicity flyer, video, etc. My view I think JT is being used to create interest in the band to sell SOE off the back of - As there was a risk that SOE would be lost in the noise of the current throw away Pop culture because SOE wasnt completed in the originally announced time frame. I may be wrong but thats what the cynic in me says. That said looking forward to seeing a show or two of the JT30. But totally agree we need more Pop, U2's greatest album and tour in my view .... love i
  10. Whilst I am happy to see the band on tour again, I feel it is not right to tour the Joshua Tree. The band has made promise after promise regarding SOE and now it is likely they'll have a creative streak in 2017 and postpone SOE until 2018 or beyond. It is better to under promise and over deliver - U2 please take note. They need to complete SOE fully and then consider touring with the Joshua Tree. Whilst being in the UK is great, I feel for fans in Australia, South America, South Africa, NZ and the far east. We can get selfish in Europe and the USA. I'd be happy for them to tour there f
  11. A lot of bands change their viewpoint on music and life as they age (just as we do). The hunger and passion to change the world led U2 to many a great track in the 80s. The world around them shaped their music and if you were of a similar age at the time it also touched a nerve with you. Whilst they still have the passion, their world has now changed. Music has changed but U2 were always ahead of the curve with music. However, they are older, married with families and responsibilities (to fans as well as their music). Regardless of their desire, the unique creative juice needed to make epic
  12. Dear all, Some of you may have ready my earlier post about being pulled out of the queue and made to wait because the fan at the front of queue did not recognise me and said I did not have a number.on my hand that he gave out. I have formally logged a compliant to the O2 event management team on the manner in which the queue was managed by the official security staff. I actually queued for 7 hours with my friends (with fans behind me confirming that I'd been there from the morning). However, yes I did jump the queue as I arrived after my friends. My 2 friends had informed the fan giving
  13. Well not a great experience queuing in GA for London # 3. I am only writing this so that everyone is aware of what could happen. I thought U2 fans were a friendly community, and by and large we are, however, my experience was a little disconcerting and a very small minority of those in the queue on the 29th in London were annoyed at people jumping ahead of them and I was apparently "the people jumping ahead of them". It led to my group of friends to feel very upset as they felt there was unfair and inconsistent treatment of regulating the queue. Some of the very early fans were crossed off
  14. Hello All, Great guide from Joe but like others I have some specific questions for London. I am hoping those who have been to the two shows so far at the O2 can share some advice. I have GA tickets but cannot (for other reasons) queue from the morning. The group I plan to go with are starting to queue from the morning. Whilst I have done that in the past, when I was 20 years younger, I can't do that on the 29th at the O2. I am also respective of those who do queue early and they should, rightly, be able to have access to the better spots. I have read a post from someone who turned
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