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    Elevation '01 in Vegas! That's when I met Bono!
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  1. SSE is an amazing place! The acoustics are awesome! You won't regret it.
  2. Wait, I used my original codes for LA1. I now have codes for Ireland. I called U2.com and was told that it's okay to use the new code. I told the person about using my previous code. Sssssooooooo, what the heck is going on? I have no clue if I'm okay to use this code or not? Could one of the mods please help me?
  3. I have a friend coming from England who wants to go to night one at the Rose Bowl and he couldn't get a ticket for night one. Can anyone help? I would love to be able to give him this wonderful ticket at the Seattle show. Thank you so much!
  4. What about flights from the states? What is the best airlines to take and the least expensive? My hubby is already upset that I bought these tickets (damn these so-so U2 fans!). I'm trying to make it easier on his pocket book...and make sure I don't end up being served divorce papers.
  5. Well, I tried my best to get one ticket. I didn't care where it was. I had it in my hot little hands, but ticket master didn't like any of my American credit cards. I was so thrilled to just get a ticket on public sale, but that was dashed out after trying the 5th card. I've never seen them in Ireland and it would have been so great to see all from friends from trip back in 2001 with the Chernobyl Children's Project. I was aiming for on of the Belfast shows. Oh well, maybe some kind soul will have an extra ticket I can purchase. I can dream, right? Well, to all of you that were luck
  6. Question: I have to purchase in public sale...YIKES! There are so many different options- regular, student, premium and music generation zone. This didn't happen with any of the other sales. Does anyone know the difference? Which one do I purchase? The second show in Belfast is on my wedding anniversary, so I thought it would great to go. IF I can manage to get a couple of tickets. Am I over thinking this?
  7. ZLady

    7/31 For Sale

    I have Sec 106 Row 16 for sale. This was supposed to be my birthday spectacular. Oh well. I'm selling it at face value. It's $280 + $32.40 (charges) for a total of $312.40. It is a really great spot. This is the last night of the American leg and sure to be a night not to be forgotten. Enjoy! I have the ticket in hand.
  8. I was beyond thrilled to hear Sweetest Thing. It is by far my favorite U2 song. I know it has been played live before, but never at a concert I've been at. So when Bono sat at the piano and played right in front of me me....oh I was such a happy camper. Now, if they can play "40" on my birthday (7/31) at MSG my life will be complete (insert a wee bit of sarcasm here) I haven't heard this one played since Joshua Tree. I'm not asking for much.
  9. That happened to me in Oakland! We all had spent the night in our cars and then this other door opened just as we getting in. It was awful! Both my tickects say N-Floor for both nights as well. Maybe there aren't two entries.
  10. According to the map, there's a north and south GA. Anyone know if there will be two lines or just one? Also, when is everyone lining up? I've never been to the tour opener before and it has been ages since I've done GA. Any advice would be so very much appreciated. Thanks!
  11. I'm going to the 7/31 show alone. Flying up for the concert and flying back the next day. Should be fun!
  12. ZLady


    Does anyone have a clue about lining up for GA's? I noticed there is a north and south GA. Does this mean two different lines? What do you think?
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