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  1. Absolutely BS!!! How could all GA and non balcony seats be all gone to "verified" fans????? It makes no sense. U2 need to explain this.
  2. Ok so no GA's available, but how can a balcony seat at the garden be $290???????
  3. Balcony seats for Boston $290.50. WTF??????????? The is the pre-sale??????
  4. Going to the Boston show and i know will enjoy it a lot. Have to agree with the comments here though. They have never been very spontaneous at least not in the last 2 decades but they should have more songs in their arsenal than this. I don't buy the whole visuals excuse. There are plenty of times in the show that the screens are just showing different shots of the band. They do not need new visuals to add a song to the setlist. I know Bono is no spring chicken anymore but a little more energy would go a long way, it all feels very controlled.
  5. Agreed my first show was Cork in 87. I have seen them a few times in Boston since then and you are right about the scripted part. I'm not sure it helps Bono to be honest. He never stuck to "script" in the early days, e.g. Bad at Live Aid and it always served them better imo.
  6. why not create a video to be shown before the show starts, making fun/chastising those who do this? peer pressure will get the vast majority of the offenders if the band appear on screen before the show starts. I"m not sure the majority know how much the band don't like it.
  7. That's fair. He needs a good rant about it. "*#%* the cellphones!"
  8. I agree to an extent. One thing Bono has always been proud of has been his ability to break down the barriers between the band and the audience. I'd like to see him at least try.
  9. It's one thing to forget your lines, or need a teleprompter. I get that. What I don't get is the lack of passion. It's like they are covering their own songs at times. They have talked about the relevancy of the songs to the world today. i agree. Don't however let the video screen do the talking for you. The lyrics do that, I don't care if you miss the high notes. Oh and the rest don't get a pass in my eyes/ears either. I'm hoping one or all of them can find that spark of magic again.
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