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  1. screenshot is already in this thread a few posts above yours
  2. Yup, I have another friend who got that same email. I think most of us can agree that U2 has royally screwed up the sale process for this tour. With the whole Ticketmaster verification, many long time fans and obviously subscribers have been randomly shut out. The whole intention supposedly was to get tickets into the hands of fans instead of scalpers. Yet they then decided to make GA all hard tickets instead of paperless credit card entry, which makes them WAY easier to resell. #DUM
  3. NO ONE was able to get GA in any city for the Innocence "presale" because they did not provide a separate allotment of tickets for this group!
  4. As far as I can tell, they did not release a single extra ticket for the 2nd presale group. I've been a fan club member for years, and only ended up in the Innocence group because I forgot to renew in time. I was lucky enough to get "verified" - though who cares when there is not a single GA or Red Zone ticket available for our presale group. So absurd. Seriously - did anyone in the Innocence group get GA or Red Zone? Such a farce! After demanding an extra $40 for a membership that is still active just to have the chance to participate in this presale. The whole way they're doing the sales this time around is bound to alienate tons of long term fans. Nicely done, U2. Thanks for nothing.
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