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  1. Been thinking for years the GA line system used for the U2 showsis not the best. Other bands and artists rule themselves the GA line and do it in a fairer way. Bruce Springsteen should be, in my opinion, the model to follow for next tour. No queuing for days, not same people show after show at the rail (U2 complaint about it) and same chances for everybody to be on the front row.
  2. And what about Dublin concerts? No dates yet, does that mean ee are not going to have presale tickets for those gigs?
  3. how many tickets we'll get? only for one concert or we could use for differenr nights? and when are we going to get the codes?
  4. Love and peace... Bo Nadal!

    1. streatsone


      hola mi amiguita !!!

      es un placer para verte aqui

      puedo hablar un poquito de espanol , pero no muy bueno , y muy despacio ....

      una amiguita me digo que "en espana, no es "comico....es "graciaso" ".......:) :)

  5. 10422 Morning Pain, happy weekend!!!!!
  6. 10347 Frankaz, that could be a good idea if he knew how the vacuum cleaner works. Not kidding, he said he wanted a Roomba
  7. 10343 Anj, if you can manage to make your house cleaning itself, please share it with us, mine is a mess
  8. 10318 Morning! Not so cold here and sunny. Janette, glad you're feeling better
  9. 10308 Hello all! Cold here, really cold and it's Monday...
  10. 10303 A quick hello. Janette, hope you eyes are better soon
  11. 10289 Working today but later I'll go to the football match and at night a folk concert
  12. 10287 Hi all! Hope you have a great weekend!
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