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  1. Been thinking for years the GA line system used for the U2 showsis not the best. Other bands and artists rule themselves the GA line and do it in a fairer way. Bruce Springsteen should be, in my opinion, the model to follow for next tour. No queuing for days, not same people show after show at the rail (U2 complaint about it) and same chances for everybody to be on the front row.
  2. That's what Bono said in his last interview on Rolling Stones. Silence is not an option... unless we're talking about Myanmar and Aung San Suu Kyi. U2 and specially Bono's image is related to ASSK's since Walk on and right now, hers is not a good one to be attached to. Bono compared her to MLK and Mandela and today she's more similar to the Myanmar militaries that kept her imprisoned for years. Fans should be asking the band to say something about it, should be telling Bono, who has an opinion about everything ("Shooting off my mouth, that’s another great thing about me."), to do what
  3. Let’s go back to 2001, when U2 released Walk on, or 2009, during the 360 tour, when they asked us fans to bring masks of Aung San Suu Kyi to concerts and wear them during performances of "Walk On" in support of her, which we did. Let’s back to the Innocence and experience tour, where they talked about the Syrian refugees, where they asked us: “What do you want? A Europe with its heart and its eyes opened or a Europe with its borders closed to mercy? What do you want?” And Bono himself answered to that question: “ All I want... A place called home… Somewhere safe…” They’ve been s
  4. And what about Dublin concerts? No dates yet, does that mean ee are not going to have presale tickets for those gigs?
  5. how many tickets we'll get? only for one concert or we could use for differenr nights? and when are we going to get the codes?
  6. Love and peace... Bo Nadal!

    1. streatsone


      hola mi amiguita !!!

      es un placer para verte aqui

      puedo hablar un poquito de espanol , pero no muy bueno , y muy despacio ....

      una amiguita me digo que "en espana, no es "comico....es "graciaso" ".......:) :)

  7. My house is full of U2 love. Merry X-mas!!!!
  8. Oh good, it's always reassuring to know that the cards are arriving safe and sound, and I'm glad you liked the little goodies. TBH, I don't drink tea, so it could be downright awful and I wouldn't know ...if it is, don't hold it against the country, lol...I was just looking for something small I could enclose, and that seemed to fit the theme and size restrictions nicely. I got your card today too, and also one from Ana, and my first one was a couple of days ago, from Electricco...thank you very much; the card exchange is one of my favourite things about this time of year! I g
  9. 10422 Morning Pain, happy weekend!!!!!
  10. I've been checking and you're right! I cannot rate blogs in Bloggers club! Do they don't want us to show how we love blogs itselves? Do they don't want us to share our love? Do they don't want us...
  11. 10347 Frankaz, that could be a good idea if he knew how the vacuum cleaner works. Not kidding, he said he wanted a Roomba
  12. My guilty pleasure... Los Piratas a Spanish group from Vigo, I was 14 when they started playing, the sound was great, and they got great succes in the 90's. I met the band several times and bassist Fon Roman and I are friends since then. When I hear this song I have to sing it loud! http://youtu.be/hptUE57xH74
  13. 10343 Anj, if you can manage to make your house cleaning itself, please share it with us, mine is a mess
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