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  1. Been thinking for years the GA line system used for the U2 showsis not the best. Other bands and artists rule themselves the GA line and do it in a fairer way. Bruce Springsteen should be, in my opinion, the model to follow for next tour. No queuing for days, not same people show after show at the rail (U2 complaint about it) and same chances for everybody to be on the front row.
  2. Love and peace... Bo Nadal!

    1. streatsone


      hola mi amiguita !!!

      es un placer para verte aqui

      puedo hablar un poquito de espanol , pero no muy bueno , y muy despacio ....

      una amiguita me digo que "en espana, no es "comico....es "graciaso" ".......:) :)

  3. How sweet the sound...

  4. I love the colours of fall

    1. pain_18_


      Me too..I adore the fall or the Autumn (other name of it) !

  5. Monday again... at least it doesn't rain... for now

  6. Cold in progress, feeling really bad in three...two... one...

  7. AnaSpanishEyes


    Me and my summer beach exploration in Galicia
  8. AnaSpanishEyes


    From the album: Beach!

    My beach, close home, clubs, restaurants, pools, trees, white sand, blue water and the greatest show on earth: sun sinking in the sea between Cies Islands
  9. AnaSpanishEyes


    From the album: Beach!

    Always smile here, one direction takes me home, the other one to beautiful beaches...
  10. AnaSpanishEyes

    Nerga 2

    From the album: Beach!

    The sun, the ocean and Cies Islands, stop the world, this is paradise!
  11. AnaSpanishEyes


    From the album: Beach!

  12. Enjoying last summer days

  13. In a little while this hurt will hurt no more... I hope so. Oh my poor head!!!!

    1. Zhivvy


      Too many daquaris?

    2. AnaSpanishEyes


      That was this morning, I feel better now, so when I go out from job, I'll eat somenthing and go back to the beach club! New daiquiri flavours are waiting for me! LOL

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