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  1. Hello ! This topic to have an idea of how many fan club subscribers tried to get tix and did not succed in (pre-sale and general sale). Could be interesting to have an amount... Thank for your reply Cheers Fanny
  2. my opinion: all the shows gonna be sold out either with all the fans who wanted to go (I mean people with proper unused code) and normal audience or with only some fan club members (with unused code) and normal audience so why, why it is not decided by the management to allow fan club members (with unused pre sale code) to be sure to get tix ? Why should they not be able to buy tix today ? They are not sure to be able to get them on monday. Tix prices are the same so it is just a decison to make by the management. There is no "more profit" or not ! It is just a proper manner to conside
  3. is there any chance that tix will drop in for 28 ? is it worth keep trying or everything has been sold for today ?
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