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  1. I have an update on my small troubles.   I checked my credit card charges online again this afternoon and suddenly there is the $599.25 charge for my two presale tickets - and only one charge even though like many others I "almost" got tickets through 4 or 5 times before I finally succeeded.   There is also a temp authorization for $231 for the two tickets I bought during the general sale.    I have confirming emails for both, though I can still only print out the general sale tickets.  At least all four have turned up in the TM app on my phone.  So, the long and short of it is I think I'm OK.   Sad thing, though, is that I am one of the lucky ones.  It's appalling and, frankly, heart breaking to read post after post here and on Facebook and on Twitter from long-time fans like me who got screwed out of tickets.  I just hope that TM got their shit together enough so that everyone who lost out can get seats at the added shows that were announced today.   I think the band had great intentions when they set this up, but as every one of us knows, they don't call them Ticketbastard for nothing.  They've messed up before, and I'll bet all four of my tickets that they'll do it again.  That's what happens with monopolies and if anyone needs evidence of how they operate, here it is right here.  I'm guessing the band wishes there were an alternative too, but since TM negotiates directly with the venues, their hands are tied just as much as ours.  All they can probably do is what they're doing - attempting to intervene in individual cases as much as they can.   And add more shows.


    NB:  3:00 pm - Ticketmaster just released the Thursday presale tickets for printing at home.   I got no email or anything - just randomly checked and there they were.  Can't speak to the presale tickets for Friday, unfortunately.  Maybe someone else can.


    And now that the s**t storm is over, it's finally sunk in that I just spent $830.40 on U2 tickets.  :-/  Good grief.

  2. After browsing this thread, I just checked my credit card statement and I almost wish I hadn't. 


    I see a charge for the two public sale balcony seats I purchased as a Christmas gift for my daughter and son-in-law this morning and I've printed the tickets.  No problem there.  But there is no charge - not even a temporary authorization - for the two Loge seats I purchased during the Thursday pre-sale for myself.   I have a confirming email from TM with an order number, and I have what seem to be eTickets in the TM app on my iPhone, but there is no sign of the $599.25 charge that should have hit my credit card for the two presale seats. 


    And, as I already mentioned, I still get a message on the TM website saying there's a delayed delivery and I can't print my presale tickets. 


    Should I be worried?  This has been INCREDIBLY stressful and just when you think everything is OK, something else happens.  I haven't even tried to go see the band since 2001 because the tickets were so expensive, but this year I decided to throw caution to the wind and treat the family for Christmas.  If I lose my presale seats, the whole thing is a bust.  Can somebody talk me down, please?  LOL  Am I panicked for nothing?

  3. Has anyone been able to print tickets purchased during the presale from the Ticketmaster website?  I bought two additional tickets to the Boston 7/11 show this morning during the general public sale and could print those right away.  But, I can't print the presale tickets I bought last Thursday.   It says there is still a "delivery delay".   I fought hard for those Loge seats.....LOL.....anxiety level probably won't drop until I can print them.   Thanks, all.

  4. Holy hell, this sounds like a mess!


    I'm almost relieved I'm in pre-sale B and can't 'try' and buy until Friday.


    I have gleaned many pointers but I have two questions?


    Do the B-sides get a different, equivalent number of tickets available to purchase tomorrow (ie more GA put back in the pot) or is there just one block of presale tickets and we get what's left after today...which is sounding like not much:)


    And how many people are in the Experienced Group? I ask only because I'm wondering why TM couldn't handle this pre-sale today, especially on the east coast? Just think what's going to happen on Monday?!?

    I can't answer most of your questions, though I got a look at the seating chart for Boston at least, before TM forced me to let them pick my seats (!!!) and it looked like well over half the arena was available to purchase, so hopefully you'll be OK.   I do know that the problem with TM was basically poor planning and crap infrastructure which are always their problem(s).  Today's great idea:  The Foo Fighters presale also started today at 10 a.m. EST.  Incredibly stupid if you ask me.  Monday, frankly, will probably be a debacle.

  5. Finally got in for two NY shows.  This was ridiculous.  An hour of pure stress and anger at Ticketbastard.


    I do not look forward to trying for a few others on December 8th.

    I'm in the same boat.  I need two more tickets for the rest of the family or somebody is going to be drawing straws.  The idea of going through this again Monday morning makes my head hurt.

  6. It took me 28 minutes of hell to get two Boston tickets.  I had great seats twice and Ticketbastard crashed during the payment step and I lost them.  I finally got decent seats after 5 tries and 4 crashes and multiple times of my presale code being denied.   Pure misery and completely unnecessary.  If Ticketbastard's IT infrastructure can't handle that kind of traffic, then they shouldn't have multiple high-profile shows going on sale at the same time on the same day!!!   But I guess when you're a monopoly, you don't have to be any good.   Damn sad state of affairs if you ask me.  When I read about all the people who weren't able to get tickets, I feel very lucky that I somehow managed to succeed.

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