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  1. Mine arrived this morning without the need to pay taxes. I had all but given up on this arriving so am happy to eat my words! Big well done to U2.com for getting this sorted.👏
  2. It’s a funny one. I contacted customer service and they appear to have ‘updated’ my order , which I think means they have dispatched a new one to Ireland. My fear is that Irish Customs will (again ) send it back to the US because of some little loophole that now exists since the law changed in the summer. I know the customs charge demanded of other European subscribers is frustrating, but at least the gift is getting to your front door. The onus is on U2. Com to familiarise themselves with the changes….as far as I’m aware not a single Irish subscriber on this forum has received their gift.
  3. I hope so, otherwise no Irish member will bother paying a subscription ever again !
  4. Yeah, supposedly Irish customs are sending packages back to source as a result of changes to the law this year. I think the odds of receiving this gift are decreasing with every passing week…I hope I’m proven wrong. I’ll probably wait until October before seeking a refund/ new gift from U2.com. Ultimately, the responsibility lies with them. I paid 75 euro for one reason and one reason only….the ‘gift’.
  5. Any Irish members here? There seems to be a serious communication breakdown between Irish Customs and An Post regarding packages coming from outside the EU as a result of Customs law changes on July 1st. Has any Irish U2.com member received their gift? If so, how long did it take from date of dispatch?
  6. I appreciate your help, but this does not make sense….when it arrives at my post office I will have it with 24 hrs. My concern is the gift getting past customs and getting to my local post office…they have told me they haven’t received anything. When I put in the code I get a message from UPS ( I live in Ireland!!) telling me it’s due to arrive tomorrow!….it’s said that for several days now. 20 days after dispatch and still no gift. Happy to wait another 2 weeks.
  7. Hi Mine was dispatched on August 19th, and I’m still waiting 18 days later . Living in Ireland. Did anyone else have to wait 3-4 weeks after dispatch? Thanks
  8. Any Irish fans get theirs ? Wondering if I’ll get stung by An Post for customs.
  9. Is this customs charge a Belgian thing or will all EU fans have to pay?? Any EU fans get theirs?
  10. Hi Folks I still haven’t received an email indicating a dispatch. Just wondering…. Did people receive a dispatch email or did the gift just arrive unexpectedly? Has anyone in the UK or Ireland received their gift? Thanks!
  11. Seems those quick on the draw have six downloads now. Would love to have The Electric. Co They should just make all six available to those who only got the three....
  12. Absolutely- LIVE shows with the best possible audio is what the vast majority of fans want from these gifts. Imagine having the Sellafield ‘ 92 gig, for example .
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