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  1. Just remembered the Paris 2015 gig was broadcast at Christmas 2015 before being released physically in the summer of 2016. It really does appear that the Berlin show will not go on general release - how could they possibly justify the gift otherwise? The DVD/Blu Ray really should be in the shops....an audio CD of the show would have made a great gift..Strange decision.
  2. I assume this will be the first tour since the 80s to not offer an audio visual product to the general public. Personally, i’m Amazed this is not on general release. They released Paris 2015 in multiple formats, including a super deluxe...Cannot believe I won’t see this available in Stores or with online retailers...Bizarre....Maybe the fact that most fans were able to record and keep the 75 minute version on TV last month is the reason for this odd decision.
  3. Mine was dispatched on 31/10 and arrived yesterday....yours should probably arrive on or around Dec 1st.
  4. That’s good news ! I’m surprised mine hasn’t landed despite getting dispatch email on 31/10 too.
  5. Got my dispatch email on Oct 31.....still waiting in Cork,Ireland!
  6. Hi Anyone in Ireland get theirs yet? mine was dispatched on Oct 31. Since Nov 7 ,UPS tracking says it’s been transferred from New York to my ‘’local’’ post office for delivery...mmm.
  7. Well said...I resubscribed on the 20th of November when this gift was announced. I half joked that i’d be happy to get it by Christmas 2019...Now i’m wondering if we’ll have it by then. It’s farcical at this stage , and as you say the interminable wait has taken the goodness out of it......it’s generally hardcore fans who subscribe to sites like these and such fans are not the type to ‘forget’ about a gift like this until it lands on the doorstep....1st world problems,I know..
  8. I assume a member will receive their gift if their membership lapses before the shipping date??
  9. Fantasy tracklist!!! 1. Miracle 2. Electric Co. 3. Iris 4. Cedarwood 5. Song for someone 6. Sunday 7. Wolves 8. Until the end 9. Invisible 10. Crystal Ballroom 11. Breaking wave 1 Love is all 2. Blackout 3. Lights of home 4. Red Flag Day 5. Dirty Day 6. Wild Horses 7. Stay 8. Get out of your 9. New Years Day 10 Acrobat 11. Love is bigger 12. 13
  10. Don’t really get the need for it..Don’t people already have it on U22 and ZOO TV from Sydney? I would however love to have Acrobat, Wild Horses and Dirty Day on a well mastered CD.
  11. Good news..all bar 3 tracks from both albums!Really happy with this ,though would have absolutely loved Acrobat and ‘Horses’ added as bonus tracks!!
  12. I still stand by an earlier post I wrote..i’ll Consider myself fortunate if I have this in my hands at Christmas. I have a vision of 2 or 3 teenagers putting discs into sleeves as part of their summer job 😀
  13. This really is tumbleweed country now...outside in the distance a wildcat did growl....6 months since this was announced and we don’t even have a tracklist. I appreciate the logistics involved but can someone not throw us a bone.. even the ‘artwork’ for the packaging would keep us going for another month 😛
  14. The best thing to do is imagine the live cd gift is due to be delivered the week before Christmas 🎄...of course we all know based on experience that there is a VERY REAL chance this gift won’t arrive before Christmas 😛😛
  15. Well said. It’s hard to disagree with any of this.
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