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  1. I have three stories of unforgettable concerts. The first one was in Aberdeen, Scotland in 1982. They played at the Capital Theater to a crowd of about 2500 people. I queued for 8 hours for tickets and someone two places ahead of me got the last tickets. A group of us thought we would go along to the concert and listen from outside, while we were in the pub/bar before the concert, I bumped into the people who got the last tickets and we got talking. I told them what had happened and they said that they would not sit in their seats until 15 minutes into the concert and for us to go to the office and explain we lost our tickets and give them their ticket numbers. Well, we fronted up to the office and explained we lost our tickets and gave them the ticket numbers and after some very suspicious looks, we were told to wait outside. Ten minutes later, one of the bouncers/security guards came out and told us no one was in the seats and we could come in, so there must have been 2503 people at the concert !!! The next concert was Robert Plant (ex Led Zeppelin), Marquee, London 1987. I worked in London as a Draftsperson and often listed to the radio when I was working. I heard that Robert Plant was playing at the Marquee that night, and tickets were limited diue to the size of the venue. This was his first concert since Led Zeppelin split up. I rushed out of the office and headed down and got my ticket of Five pounds !!! The ticket looks like a cinema ticket stub. That night outside the venue was packed but inside was very quiet and lots of people in suits, I spoke to one of the security guards and he told me that the record company had bought all the tickets and most of the people there were either record company, media or friends of the band and me !! Before the concert, the band came out to talk to everyone and ask what they were looking for from the concert so I actually got to talk to one of my all time heroes, Robert Plant, during the concert I was sitting at the bar next to Ian Gillan (Ex Deep Purple and Black Sabbath lead singer) chatting to him about the set, after the concert the band came out again and mixed with everyone and asked opinions of the concert. Those would be two of my unforgettable moments at concerts I have attended. My first U2 concert was at the Capital Theater in 1982, the energy of Bono on stage with the music, I knew I was hooked and thirty two years later, I still think they are one of the best bands in the world.
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