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  1. Seems like very few people in Innocence got any GA at all.
  2. I'm pretty sure they hardly released any GA's for the Innocence group, and I refuse to believe they sold them all in yesterday's pre sale. I guess we will just have to try our luck in the general sale - how do we participate in the general sale if we have an Innocence group code? Also what is this awful site for the Atlanta show? I can't pick my seats?
  3. Did ANYBODY get GA for the innocence group? Clear that they hardly released any, which is bullshit. Not buying anything today, those crazy expensive seats aren’t going anywhere. Just hope they release more GA soon.
  4. No GA in Nashville. I was in in the first minute. No chance they sold all of them yesterday. What the hell?
  5. I got an email last night for Innocence but no text code. What should I do?
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