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  1. SO true, I hope, they'll get back into that material soon. They would have the time now...maybe someone should text Edge about it 😄
  2. okay that's the question as it says on u2.com " PRE-ORDER U2'S SONGS OF EXPERIENCE VIA THIS OFFICIAL LINK BY 30TH NOVEMBER 2017, 23:59 GMT, FOR ACCESS TO A PRESALE AND BE IN WITH A CHANCE TO PURCHASE TICKETS FOR YET-TO-BE-ANNOUNCED EUROPEAN TOUR DATES IN A CITY NEAR YOU IN 2018, WHILE AVAILABILITY LASTS. " and this so called official link leads me to http://u2store.universal-music.de/ At this shop, the bundles are not available and everything is actually even 1 or 2€ more expensive. I managed to place an order at the universal store yesterday before I saw the available bundles on u2.com
  3. I get that, what I meant is the ticket pre-sale code you get when pre-ordering the album, as it is described here http://www.u2.com/soe_eu Do you only get a ticket pre-sale code if you follow this link and buy the album on this website (in my case, the universal music shop)? Or can you buy it in another shop as well and still get the pre-sale code? (i.e. the u2.com shop to buy the bundle with the T-shirt. )
  4. I'm a bit confused concerning the presale codes that come with the album pre-order. Do you only get the codes if you buy the album through the shop the link in the news send you to? I'd rather buy it via the u2.com shop, as there a packages with tshirts. Do you get a presale code for Europe if you buy these versions as well?
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