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  1. It would be great if U2 would add 2nd shows in Nashville or Atlanta,they are sold out.I live within couple hours of both.No luck in presales for GA,I can' understand it.Bummed,can' afford to travel.Why do secondary sites,including ticketmasters tickets now,have GAs for all shows,triple the price?
  2. In innocence group,wasnt able to get gas for 3 places i tried,give up,hoping they add another atlanta or nashville.
  3. I went to chicago 1,2,and 3.On night one,i was second to the rail by mainstage and catwalk.It was amzing,first time seeing U2.On the second night i purposely came late,i was back on the floor and able to move with the band more and dance.After the first 2 shows i really wanted to go to the third show,since i would still be in town,about 530 pm ,i went to the boxoffice and asked if they had cheap nosebleeds,they sold me one for 30 dollars,directly center behind the stage,row 324,the very top.I could see all 3 stages,the band(not too well cause i have bad eyes),the screen i could see perfect,plu
  4. I was thinking the same thing now they announced a denver,there is room on the 9th and 20th to do one or two different cities if they stick to the shedule which seems to be 2 days of rest between every couple of shows,it also says more dates to be confirmed,so maybe a southeast show.The reason maybe they are adding shows scattered maybe they were not sure if bono would be able to do shows if still recovering.I think they will take the whole month of august for rest before starting the european shows.
  5. I have a ga for chicago 24 that I was hoping to trade plus pay cash value if i could find a red zone ticket.Thank you.
  6. I dont have an ipod or i phone,i bought the physical album,but i love all the songs and have listened to them all the same in order at least 50 times or more.
  7. I love all the songs,listen to the whold album,but ill try to pick,its very hard though. Song for someone raised by wolves iris volcano cedarwood road
  8. How are fans supposed to decide which seats to buy,if dont know which is the front or back of the stage? I dont understand why the stage design isnt more clear.Maybe the band will be on a revolving stage that spins around so everyone gets the same view,that would be cool.
  9. I was trying to buy a decent seat ticket and the only ones coming up were resales and this is 1 minute after they went on sale Something is wrong with this picture.
  10. how can people make informed ticket purchases when there is no stage design map?What side is the front of the stage,?This is all very confusing and not well thought out.
  11. I wanted to know if i could exchange a ga ticket for chicago 24 to buy a red zone ticket for chicago 28th in todays presale,thanks.
  12. What are the chances of getting a red zone ticket for any of the new shows added monday during general sale before they magically get jacked way up?
  13. 1. Rattle and Hum 2. Zooropa 3. Unforgettable Fire/Songs Of Innocence
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