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  1. Satellite of lobe, this is so beautifully done. I could watch this over and over again.
  2. Wow, if they’ll ever invite a time machine, this would be a good place to travel back to.
  3. I never met Adam. The closest I ever came to him, was maybe 10 meters (during a concert). The second closest (in my mind) was when I was in Brussels during the concert day of the 360 tour. We were roaming the city and we accidentally passed the hotel that U2 was staying in. People were all excited, because word had it that Adam would come out and have a chat with the fans. Of course we stayed to witness it all. ‘Unfortunately’ it was only Paul McGuinness that walked out of the hotel..... The idea that meeting Adam had such an effect on the people waiting before the hotel struck me. It is
  4. The ticket is still available, if anyone is interested: let me know!
  5. Unfortunately one person in our group can't make it. Therefore I have one GA ticket for the Brussels concert for sale (at face value: €76,-). Let me know when you are interested.
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