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  1. I think it sounds so perfect, it's probably aided with pre-recording. After five U.S. shows, that seemed to be what was going on. Easy to do when the band is not visible. Loud., clear and too perfect sounding.
  2. Required reading for dear old Bono: The Strange Death of Europe by Douglas Murray.
  3. Thank you, bosawx. Bono is a great entertainer, but extremely naive. Why no videos of the fires and broken glass on the night of the election? Why no videos of Trump supporters being attacked during the campaign? They exist. The leftist politics are unavoidable and as someone who has also seen every tour since 1985, I know exactly how you feel. Pandering to women and insulting those who are not leftists is feeble. It is show business, however, and the show is still great. I suggest Bono discover Dennis Prager. The absolute fun that is a U2 show can't be spoiled for me, even by the current mean-spirited jabs at anyone who is not on the left. Don't let the foolishness grind you down. It remains an excellent show.
  4. Public transport is horrible. I used to take the bus to Kings games when they played at the Forum. Dicey, at best. Uber or taxi.
  5. Still smooth. There's an ad playing during tonight's St. Louis Blues game on TV promoting "U2 - one night only at the ScottTrade Center. " Lots of seats available. Odd to see this, especially since St. Louis 2017 was cancelled.
  6. Has anyone studied the Ticketmaster maps for the shows? Thousands of seats unsold. $680 for a "platinum" seat? $330 to sit up top? $106 for behind the stage? It's sad. This is not "selling out in minutes." They are wonderful, yes. God willing, I will see my 50th show in May. But let's be honest. They appear to be over-rating themselves. As far as the Stones go, I don't get the criticism. They have been very strong in the live shows I've caught in the past 3-4 years. Always fun and exciting. Charlie Watts is astonishing.
  7. The solo reminds me of Big Country. Always liked Big Country.
  8. What would you consider the best spot to be in in this tour's Red Zone?

  9. I have nothing but gratitude for what you did. To criticize a periscope is like rejecting a free lunch because it doesn't happen to be at your favorite restaurant.
  10. The seats behind the stage were sold by U2/Ticketmaster by virtue of a seat map that showed they were facing the stage and did not say "behind stage."
  11. Let's not forget the huge disappointment during last tour when you'd arrive at the arena and discover that your seats were behind the stage. It is a show business product and it keeps getting dodgier all the time. I have bought the product since 1985 and it's clearly diminished. A lot like the modern Rolling Stones concert experience.
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