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  1. I have a spare mobile ticket to the standing area. If you are still interested, please contact me here.
  2. Thank you! I found eventim.de acc on facebook and contacted it via fb message (I was super polite, I promise!) and someone actually answered and promised to help. The good thing with fb messages is that you can see whether a message was read or not, so I can relax a little bit and come to my senses. If this won't help, then I'll contact a mod. I really want to get my ticket, I've already bought airplane tickets and booked a hotel, only the one thing is missing
  3. Thank you, Kristaps, you've just remimded me why I don't usually bothered with forums & facebook comments - lectures from strangers, yay! Anyway, I wasn't saying that I am proud of what I did, I pretty much admitted that I was wrong. But isn't it weird that the customer service saw all my previous complaints and chose to ignore them instead of writing something like "we'll be in touch with you asap" if they were so super busy? And my last rude message was also read and again, instead of contacting me with the lecture that you gave me, they chose to erase my account? I am not sure that it is even legal to do so, afterall I am their client, whether they like me or not, I paid for their services which they failed to provide. I wish I could reset my password, it was the first thing that I tried to do, but the system tells that my e-mail is not in their base anymore. If I knew that I could use someone else's phone number, like you told me, I'd do so, I was afraid of doing it without asking the support, I was afraid that they would cancel my ticket instead, but I have never had a chance to hear from them, have I? Cheers.
  4. I bought a GA ticket for the first Berlin show on December 4th, I have never receive a text message with it, but I thought that maybe it takes some time. The next day I bought a ticket for my friend, he got it the same minute the purchase was made. I found it werid and wrote a letter to an eventim.de support, but I have never got a reply. Couple of days later I wrote to the support again, asking how can I get my ticket (I tried to use "send again" option on my account, but nothing happened, no text message came), they answered some time later & told to check phone number, country code, phone model (funny thing is that when I first wrote them I explained that I double checked all these details & put them correctly). I wrote the third letter about my situation all over again - no answer! I waited for about 3 days more and wrote again. By that time I was pissed, and guess what? No answer! No bloody answer again! Yesterday I was so mad at them and wrote super angry letter (i overused f-words, I admit), and today I found out that my account on eventim is blocked, my e-mail dosen't work anymore. So, I do not have neither my ticket, nor an answer from the customer survice. I absolutely have no idea what to do now, probably they put my e-mail on a black list. This is the worst ticket-purchasing experience in my life, I hope I never deal with eventim.de anymore, but before I tell them good bye, I'd like to get the ticket I paid for. Any ideas how can I get it?
  5. I got 1 GA for Berlin 25 and I'd be happy to transfer it to you cause I can't make it. I bought one for Köln instead. Eventim told me how to. Was sceptical too for this mobile thingy. They said you need to show your mobile phone link at entry and they'll scan it and you'll be fine. So if you (or somebody else) want my tic, drop me a message. Update: sorry to tell you, guys but my ticket is no longer available for sale. It went to one lucky fellow this morning. Fingers crossed for all of you still searching for a ticket. x Oh my, I missed your message! Oh noooooo
  6. It's been 5 and a half days since I bought my mobile ticket, I keep sending it on my phone changing from HTC to Android and back, but nothing happens, eventim support keeps ignoring my wtf questions. I don't know what to do anymore. I started to think that there's something wrong with my order & that perhaps my ticket got cancelled
  7. Because not all U2 fans are subscribers? Well maybe they should be if they're such big fans? Well maybe not everyone who loves U2 need to prove it with 50 euros a year.
  8. Do you mean public sales?They started in time, exact at 9.00 О.о I guess I got confused with time difference then. Anyways I was just in time and failed to get what I wanted.
  9. Is there anyone who managed to get a GA ticket for the second concert? Eventim started to sale the tickets on hour earlier than was stated, I was there since 8 am anyways, but it was impossible to fish out the ticket for the 25th of September: the moment I wanted to put it in a basket eventim was saying something about no tickets being available. My friends managed to buy tickets for the first night, but none of us could get one for the second
  10. I am from Russia, I bought 1 ticket for myself and 1 for my friend, I haven't received mine yet & no answer from the eventim support since Firday (!), my frined received his ticket immediately. I've got HTC, he's got an iphone. Don't know what the problem is.
  11. I don't think it works anyhow differently, why would it? You pay & get a ticket or a scan code on your phone I'll share here when I hear from Eventim support.
  12. Yes! And it drives me nuts, cause I want to have a regular paper ticket and not some mobile code. I sent a question regarding this mobile ticket to eventim support, but haven't got an answer yet. It really sucks to have only one ticket option Thanks... Did you actually get anything sent to your mobile? So much for a souvenir ticket to keep... Now i have no code and no ticket... I haven't purchased it yet. I'll wait till support answers me and then decide whether I'm buying it or switching Berling to Amsterdam or Antwerp.
  13. Yes! And it drives me nuts, cause I want to have a regular paper ticket and not some mobile code. I sent a question regarding this mobile ticket to eventim support, but haven't got an answer yet. It really sucks to have only one ticket option
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