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    U2 X Radio

    From the album: U2 Cartoons

    © B.Burkett

  2. i am still not sure what was announced. unless X Radio is name of new album.....
  3. I was at both Singapore shows. Polished performances and great to hear Bono in full song. My feeling on night 2 was that the crowd was less pumped and the energy from the floor did not always find itself up into the 2nd and third layer stands - lots more golf-clapping than Saturday night. That said - an amazing show. My family have now discovered the full pleasures of the rythym section, but I think my wife has fallen in love with Larry and his drums as a result. 🤨 Saturday night was simply magical! "One" and the crowd response to the Merlion coming on the screen sends shivers up my spine.
  4. incredible show. My daughter, whose arrival we had to cancel the Vertigo NZ leg for (after it was rescheduled), was there and was thrilled. Just an amazing night never to be forgotten.
  5. brendo1704

    No 7

    From the album: U2 Cartoons

    The significance behind the numbers? Practical jokes!

    © Brendan Burkett

  6. I saw U2 for the first time in October 1989 in Sydney on the love town tour. I was still at school, had just started to drive, and lining up for 3 hours at the Jolimont Centre in Canberra to get tickets also saw me get my first ever parking ticket. In those days (before mobile phones) my sister had no way of telling if I would be successful to get tickets for us, so she went for telephone sales and we ended up with four tickets, two of which we passed onto a friend and her brother. All four of us had a road trip to Sydney and stayed in a hotel near Ultimo (where the Entertainment centre is). It was my first night out in Sydney - the atmosphere was electric – U2 cover bands in pubs (which I couldn't enter because I was underage) – just incredible. Next time I saw U2 was when I was living in the UK with my wife in 2001, and managed to get tickets for Paris, and soon after in Birmingham. For Paris, we made a holiday out of it. Arrived on Bastille day, got absolutely drenched in a downpour, Salvador Dali museum, and so many other great memories. At the concert, we asked some fellow Aussies in front of us to take a pic (35 mm film!). They kept hesitating because another Aussie behind us was photobombing us. They asked him to stop because they didn't want to waste our film and he just said “Nope!”. So our pic at that concert has some bloke behind us with a huge grin on his face (see below). For Birmingham, we drove from Southampton in our “new” second hand car – which decided to stop suddenly on the way. We were just stuck. Again – no mobile phone, no one would stop to help us….we were just stuck (along with an Italian colleague from work – who was not very happy about the situation). Eventually the car started again and we made it to the show while the opening act was still playing. We never figured out what went wrong with the car. In 2005, I was living in NZ and managed to get tickets for the March 17, 2006 show in Auckland for the Vertigo tour. The show sold out so quickly – there was a news story showing people crying because they missed out – so, I considered myself very lucky. My wife and I had been living apart for 15 months while I started a new job and she was due to join me on March 1 2006 - so the concert was going to be our first trip away from Wellington. That was the leg that was postponed due to The Edge’s daughter being sick. We hung onto our tickets ready for the rescheduled shows, and when they were announced we were unable to attend as it was a little more than a week out from the expected arrival of our first child. So, we were able to get a refund on the ticket and of course our disappointment didn’t last long at such an exciting time of our lives. Since then we have never been at a situation that would have allowed us to easily seen the band. So when the Singapore announcements came there was no question that my wife and I would want tickets, and my daughter, whose arrival nearly 13 years ago prevented us seeing the rescheduled show in NZ, will also come along (and of course her younger brother). I used up all my four presale allotments for Nov 30th show, and I will happily be competing for the Dec 1st show in the public sales as I have every other time I have seen the band. If luck is with me, my wife and I will get an extra show. If not, we move on with yet more happy memories and another story to tell. This time my kids’ wide eyed faces will be in the mix and I just can’t wait.
  7. This is the only presale left...so in reality it isn't really changing halfway through. This limitation through sportshub also potentially illustrates why the SG show dates were released after all other presales had ended.
  8. From the album: U2 Cartoons

    © Brendan Burkett

  9. Hopefully not the last presale for me!
  10. Maybe try clearing the cache on your browser? I was told my code was invalid after a mobile browser issue. Clewring cache may help or use a different device?
  11. OK - So today i got to go for my first ever pre-sale for the Singapore show. Due to location and circumstance, I had never been in a position to go through this process before, so having been a member of U2.com for years, the Singapore announcement was a dream come true. Having watched from the sidelines for a number of years, i had always thought the moderators did a fanstastic job, and felt a strong sense of community within Zootopia. Today, when things went a bit awry in the presales, I experienced first hand what I have watched for years and I am very grateful. The image below pretty much sums up the roller coaster from this morning and for me two things are very clear: 1. buying tickets for these concerts is in no way a neutral experience, and 2. The moderators annd community are just fantastc. What is also missing from the picture is "thankfullness" to the mods, and to the community who actively participate in helping others. This is literally off the chart.
  12. Got my tickets - kids coming too! I have been a member of this community for years never once thinking I would be in a position to access presales. Therefore I always told myself I would be more calm. After ignoring advice from my wife and using my phone over her laptop, I am now getting the world's biggest "I told you so" as well as a few glares for shouting at my phone and a few moments of panic. This is probably old news to many of the experienced campaigners here but will share my learnings here anyway: 1.Much better booking through computer for anyone in the same position. 2. Always listen to your wife! Thanks to the mods and others for your helpful advice.
  13. Tried on cy wife's computer. It worked. Seems to be a mobile browser issue. Wohooooo! Sorted. Thanks all for the suggestions.
  14. Will try. But even when I spoke to sportshub they told me code was invalid. Thanks heaps fpr the suggestions.
  15. I got an allocation. Yes. Didnt get to checkout cart though. Time to purchase expjred. Also going in througg sportshub gives me invalid code
  16. Unfortunately it didnt give me this option. Called sportshub. They can't help. Can only tell me my code is invalid. Nothing. Anyway of getting my code reset?
  17. Disaster. Was in in 4 mins. Went to look at seat choices, got thrown out and now code invalid. Any advice?
  18. From the album: U2 Cartoons

    © ChemScrapes

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