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  1. Looking forward to this evening - France v Germany should be good. Hungary v Portugal before that, which should also be interesting. I just wish Ronaldo would rein in the tantrums. It's embarrassing watching one of the best players in the world throw a fit like a spoilt child if he doesn't get a free-kick - or if someone dares to tackle him and take the ball off him.
  2. My Complete Icelandic Language Box arrived this morning - less than a week after it was posted. The estimate from the Icelandic postal service said it might take 2-4 weeks. And I didn't get slapped with a customs charge, either. Royal Mail had emailed me earlier in the week to say that I might have one because of the value of the parcel. But it was delivered with no customs charge to be paid. More importantly: after a traumatic early end to the Denmark v Finland Euro 2020 match, it appears to be better news. According to a tweet by the Danish FA, Christian Eriksen is conscious and s
  3. The latest update from UEFA is that he is in hospital and "stabilised". A tweet from the Danish FA, if the BBC are translating it correctly, appears to say that he is conscious and undergoing further tests. Thank goodness for that. It was horrible to watch - especially when you realised they were doing compressions and saw the medic reach for the defibrilator pack. I started to cry when I saw that. As you say @Canadanne it makes you think of Fabrice Muamba and his incident. It looks like a good outcome this time too. I hope he makes a full recovery. I hope the Denmark an
  4. Well, I missed that first match as I was watching the tennis. Rafa Nadal is out of Roland Garros On the upside, it solves the schedule clash on Sunday, so I can watch all of the matches, including England v Croatia, and North Macedonia making their debut at a major tournament.
  5. I had the second part of my autism assessment today, and it was not as scary as I thought it might be. Some of the activities were fun - and the lady let me talk about favourite subjects as much as I wanted to. Including U2. I talked so much, my voice started to get a bit croaky. With lockdown and everything, it's been a long time since I've talked that much to anyone
  6. 46, 683 - Counting again and worrying that the tennis will clash with the Euro 20/21 opening ceremony Hurry up Tsitsipas and Zverev and get your match finished - I'm waiting for Rafa-time Could be an epic match against Djokovic.
  7. On the other hand, they do let Australia into the Eurovision Song Contest, so you never know... Also, an update on Ukrainian shirt-gate: UEFA have told them to remove one of the slogans that are sewn into the shirts, as it's a bit too militaristic for UEFA's liking. But they can keep the rest of the design as it is. Although I suspect Russia will still try and complain... https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/57424139
  8. I always like the Netherlands being at tournaments because you know their fans are going to brighten the place up with those orange shirts. Even if there aren't quite so many fans at matches this time round. And talking of Ukraine, there's a political row going on about their shirt. Russia have complained to UEFA because the Ukraine shirt for this tournament features an outline map of Ukraine that includes Crimea. Russia invaded Crimea a few years back in 2014 and regard it as theirs, despite the fact that most other countries condemned the invasion and regard Crimea as being Ukrainian.
  9. 46, 682 - Thank you @Malahide Counting on a lovely sunny morning. And Spotify just shuffled round to playing New Year's Day
  10. I have no idea how England will do, but I'd like to tell off whoever scheduled Sunday's matches to clash with the French Open men's final. Some of us watch more than one sport And that's before we mention potential schedule clashes with the Formula 1... I'm the sort of saddo that watches as many matches as I can fit in - particularly when they will involve teams like Finland and North Macedonia, who have never qualified for a major tournament before. Also, let's hope Spain are OK to play their first match, as their captain has come down with Covid This is where I'm not a fan of
  11. My Dad and I benefitted from a lovely act of kindness today. We'd gone out to a nearby town to drop some books back at the library and borrow another one that I knew they had. We were just parking our car when a man, who was just about to leave, came up to Dad's window and asked if we wanted to make use of his Pay and Display ticket. He'd paid for two hours' parking, not needed all of that time and the ticket still had over an hour left on it. So we accepted. The parking charge in that car park is only 50p per hour, but it was really kind of him - and we got everything done in that
  12. I forgot to post yesterday, but my good thing was that I got to celebrate my birthday by finally being able to order a language-learning set that I've been saving up for And my purchase helps support an English-language newspaper in Iceland that I've been following on social media since Euro 2016 and the whole #IcelandSmites business. It feels good to support somewhere like that, compared to buying from a giant billionaire company that's wealthy enough already.
  13. 46, 678 - The weather is so good that our neighbours are currently having a party in their front garden Although the drunken singing is not so fun
  14. 46, 676 - Friday counting while I try and get rid of a headache
  15. I got to have a pre-birthday day out at a Book Farm. Which is pretty much as it sounds - a big bookshop in a converted farmhouse. I found nearly 20 books - and they did not cost as much as my Dad was expecting I even found something U2-related - the book which accompanied the release of the Rattle and Hum film. We were also able to have lunch there, which was just as well as it took about 5 hours for me to browse around everything. Can't beat a huge bookshop.
  16. After a Covid-enforced delay, I finally have a date for the next part of my autism assessment. I had the first appointment in November 2019 and they said then it might take up to a year. Obviously that was before Covid came along and forced face-to-face appointments to be cancelled for ages. But I had an email yesterday, and have now confirmed times and dates. It feels like I'm getting closer to hopefully getting some answers. And support.
  17. 46, 674 - Evening counting after a frazzled first day back working at the library. It took an hour and a half to change my computer password And the error message wasn't telling me why it wouldn't accept the ones I tried to put in... nightmare. On the upside, we had several of our regulars visit, so it's good to know they're safe and well and to have a chat with them
  18. Max Moseley, the former head of motorsport governing body the FIA has died, aged 81. He had a big impact on Formula 1, not just on how it was run, but he was also key in improving safety after Ayrton Senna and Roland Ratzenberger died at Imola in 1994. Some of the safety measures that he introduced, such as improved crash-testing standards, have also been implemented in the road car industry - and have probably saved a lot of lives around the world. He was forced to step down from F1 in 2009 after newspaper stories about his personal life - which then led to him campaigning about pr
  19. After being closed for nearly 6 months, I finally got to go back to the library today to get everything ready for our reopening tomorrow People had still been dropping books off at the community centre during the closure, so we've filled a quarantine box already. And the books that *had* been in quarantine had been there since December. I *think* it's safe for those ones to go back on the shelves now There were also 18 requests that had come in while we've been closed and we managed to find 16 of them
  20. @Manohlive What an emotional moment that must have been for your godfather, to finally be able to officiate a mass again after so long away from everyone. I'm happy for you that you were able to be there. And I'm no expert on Catholicism, but the priests pointing fingers ought to reflect on the fact that they are supposed to "love thy neighbour" and respect and support *all* of their congregation. Not just those who are the same as them. Priests/bishops etc should not be hateful towards anyone. If they are, then in my view, they're not properly following what Jesus taught, which was a mes
  21. 46, 673 - Counting is a good start to the day. I'm counting while I finish my breakfast. And I've remembered that the practice sessions for the Monaco Grand Prix are today, instead of on Friday like at the other races of the season. I've been following F1 for a very long time now, but I still sometimes get caught out by the odd schedule at Monaco
  22. 46, 671 - Counting is always popular in my house. My local library is also (finally) re-opening next week. I hope they're ready for the big pile of books I'm returning to them
  23. Two good things today: I've already received one of the sketches I bought at the virtual convention - and I know when I'm going back to work at the library. Things are getting a bit more back to normal
  24. My good thing for today/this weekend is that I'm attending an online Star Wars convention in our trading card group We did one for May the fourth last year to support the sketch artists, who obviously couldn't go to the usual conventions to promote/sell their work. That went so well, we're doing it again. And I may have spent my budget already in the middle of the first day At least FB isn't trying to tell me off this year. Last year, it couldn't tell that it was an online convention, so kept flashing warnings about "Large gatherings are not advised". This year, it has at least u
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