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  1. 45, 496 - Evening counting. I've mostly spent today admiring my new art prints which arrived today B)

    Our Star Wars card trading group held a virtual convention over on FB from 2nd-4th of May and I bought 3 prints from two artists. Both of them also sent me extra prints as a thank-you gift. In the case of the John Wick print, the additional Yoda and Leia also made sure my parcel was Star Wars-relevant (although we *could* buy non-Star Wars art if we wanted). 

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  2. 45, 492 - Late afternoon counting. I've found my Spanish exercise book from my uni course and there's plenty of pages left, so I've done a couple of reading/comprehension exercises to start filling it up :)

    I also discovered I still have red and green pens that actually work :D

  3. 5 hours ago, peterferris8 said:

    45489 - Boris Johnson has announced Schrödinger's lockdown. Go out and go to work, but don't.

    45, 490 - The theory with the cat is easier to understand :lol: 

    Seriously though, such unclear guidelines are dangerous. I'm not going back to the library until all the MPs think it's OK to go and crowd back into Parliament. People are still catching this virus and dying from it - I don't want to risk being one of them. Or to risk anyone I know catching it.  

  4. 45, 483 - Counting in here before I start counting my latest set of trading cards, which arrived yesterday. 

    You have to applaud the postal service for managing to deliver my box of Star Wars cards... on Star Wars Day. I was able to open them in the middle of my annual film marathon B)

    And @peterferris8 I badly need to catch up with both Clone Wars and Rebels. Haven't seen any of either yet and haven't got Disney Plus. 

  5. I've been able to order a box of Star Wars trading cards that I didn't think were available over here in the UK. 

    Now I just have to see how long it takes for them to arrive. I might consider them essential to my collection, but Amazon probably doesn't agree with me in the current climate. Although opening and sorting cards is a great boredom-buster :D


  6. 45, 477 - Middle of the week counting. 

    @caz63 Losing pets is always hard - especially when you've had them as long as that. We had our dog for 12 years and he was a rescue too. He grew from being the shy, quiet one at the rescue centre to being a loving, daft brush of dog. At least you know that yours had a lovely, happy life with you. Maybe some day you'll feel ready to do the same for another one *hugs*

  7. 45, 469 - The UK death toll is over 12,000 and the official numbers are only counting those who die in hospital, so the real number is even higher than that.

    There are a lot of cases in care homes that are not being counted, for example. And staff *still* don't have enough equipment. Two of my neighbours work in an elderly care home and I'm especially scared for them :(

  8. 45, 467 - Here, it's nice and sunny again today, although last night we did have a very half-hearted attempt at a thunderstorm. Literally, there was one flash of lightning, one rumble of thunder and that was it. 

    Most rubbish thunderstorm ever - almost like the weather couldn't be bothered :lol:

  9. As a big Formula 1 fan, this one hits especially hard :( Sir Stirling Moss has died, aged 90. I've only ever seen archive footage of him, but he's widely regarded as one of the best drivers of all time - even though he never won the F1 title. He drove in several other categories of motorsport besides F1 and excelled in them. He continued to drive in vintage rallies and similar events until 2016 and always came across as a thoroughly decent bloke.

    One of the reasons he never won a championship in F1 is *because* he was such a nice bloke - one of his title rivals was accused of an on-track driving offence and Moss intervened to defend him and stopped him being thrown out of the race, even though it cost him the title. I can't imagine many of today's drivers doing that. 

    Rest in Peace, Sir. 


  10. I feel like crying (in a good way) at the goodwill of people in the trading card group I'm part of.

    It's a Facebook group for trading Star Wars cards and today, one relatively new member posted that they had hit a printing plate featuring my favourite character Poe Dameron. She was willing to sell it, but printing plates are one-offs and routinely go for anywhere from US$100-250. I don't have that kind of money. I asked the seller if she would let me pay in installments, she said she would think about it and see what other people were able to offer. 

    One of the group moderators then replied to her original post, explaining that I am the main Poe collector in the group. It felt like he was trying to nudge her into making sure I got it. She has now agreed that I can pay by installments and I've paid the first one tonight. I just feel so happy as I didn't think I was going to be able to have that card. 

    Maybe by the time I've finished paying for it, things might even be a little more back to normal in the world :)   

  11. 45, 454 - Palindrome number :) 

    And yes, it is getting scary. Over here, there have been at least 6 doctors who have died while treating virus patients and hardly any of our health staff are able to get themselves tested. In one case, the doctor had come out of retirement to help his local hospital cope with the emergency :(

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