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  1. Well, in the last year and a half, I've volunteered at 5 local archaeology digs and in 2015 I started volunteering two days a week at a local museum, helping out in their archives. I've also been involved in a local arts group, leading Creative Writing workshops, but it's become clear to me that, as much as I like art and writing, I've enjoyed the museum work and digs a lot more and archaeology is the path I really want to follow. So now I'm making enquiries with a number of universities about moving on to a full Archaeology degree once I finish my Open University Humanities degree next ye
  2. What horrible news to wake up to. Rest in peace David Bowie.

  3. We've got our computer back from the repair people and it works properly again. I was having to go over to my sister's house if I wanted to check my emails! Not any more. Also, over New Year, I've finally figured out where I'm going in life. To put it in U2 terms, I still haven't found what I'm looking for yet, but at least now I know WHAT I'm looking for and how to get there
  4. Having a great start to the New Year.

  5. Wishing my fellow Zootops a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    1. joshthetree


      happy new year to u2

  6. I may get to see it again at the weekend. Out of the blue, my Dad has announced that he plans on going to see it with a lady-friend on Sunday and they *might* let me go along with them. The problem is that Dad picked me up from the cinema on Saturday and I told him all about the film - including all the spoilers - as I thought he wouldn't be bothered and wasn't going to want to watch it. Dad doesn't normally do sci-fi, but if he watches SW and likes it, then who knows? I may just convert him!
  7. OK, this is for yesterday, but I saw The Force Awakens! I went to a small independent cinema in Birmingham which is rapidly becoming my new favourite (partly for the home-made chocolate cake ). The screening was full and EVERYONE broke out cheering and clapping not only at the opening titles, but also when the time came for Han and Chewie to step back on the Falcon. I'm not saying any more about plot, but it's brilliant. And it was lovely to see parents taking their young children along - training up the next generation of Padawans Also now I can go back to my regular paper-reading
  8. Trying to avoid Star Wars spoilers until I see it at the weekend! *sticks fingers in her ears*

    1. mich40


      Going to see it tomorrow morning. Will hopefully see no spoilers before then.

  9. I booked my ticket to see the new Star Wars film! Roll on Saturday! I'm minimising my online time between now and then to try and avoid any spoilers.
  10. Thank you to Inger-Jeanette, Angela, Ingrida and Corinne for your lovely cards!
  11. We had our latest arts workshop at the local community centre today. We're averaging attendances of around 40 people per week which is great. Last week, I took a bag of five small exercise books with me to give to any of the children who wanted to have a book at home that they can write or draw in any time they want to. Today, the last two books went. Small things, but some of these kids don't have much, don't get much encouragement from parents/people at home, so for them to just have a book of their own is a big thing and I can't wait to see what they write and/or draw in them.
  12. We get a U2 concert for Christmas!!! Thanks for helping out.
  13. I know BBC2 were originally meant to show it two weeks after HBO, on November 29th. If they keep to that gap, then it will make a nice Christmas present for us The only online TV guide I can find only goes 9 days ahead for BBC2 and I haven't seen it on there yet, but I will keep checking.
  14. Getting ready for the Zoo Christmas Exchange :o)

  15. We can always add you to our lists. You were on last year's list and so were you U2FanInVT. I still have that with both of your details on. Are you both still at the same addresses as last year? If so, I'll add you to my copy of this year's list and I'm sure other Zootops can do the same
  16. Got the list eventually, despite a few initial issues with the emails. Thanks Julie for sorting it all out. I recognise some names from last year and there are others that are new to the list. Next step will be to buy cards and start getting them sent out
  17. What a lovely idea. U2 have always made songs calling for peace and love and light. Tonight, let's get all of those songs together and play them. Wherever we are in the world, whatever music player we use... U2 fans together for the people of Paris.
  18. I'm sitting here at the computer shaking. Awful, awful news. I just want the violence to be over and for the police to catch whoever did this. My thoughts are with all of the people of Paris, but it's especially scary knowing our guys are there with their crew and all the fans who have travelled for the concerts this weekend. I hope they all stay safe. Concerts and the filming can be rescheduled if necessary, people's safety has to come first. You can reschedule a show, you can't replace people. My condolences to the families of the victims.
  19. My thoughts are with the people of Paris. I hope U2, their crew and all of the fans there stay safe. Concerts can be rescheduled but people are irreplaceable.

    1. chris1043


      I agree. Great way to put it in words.


    2. pain_18_


      U2 is Alright.

  20. I hope it will be released internationally at some point, either by way of deals with broadcasters around the world or as a DVD/BluRay. It wouldn't be fair if it was only Americans that got to see it.
  21. Printed out my London 1 photos, now just need a frame for the best ones.

  22. I just got the result back for the first assignment of my new Open University module. First one at level 3 and I scored 80% Here's hoping I can keep that going until May!
  23. Happy birthday Larry! And thanks for putting up that 'musicians wanted' notice!

  24. Yes, count me in! I enjoyed it last year.
  25. Well OK it was yesterday, but while in the GA line, who should rock up and queue right behind me but PeterFerris8 from this very forum? He recognised me because of my knitted gnome which I was wearing in a sort of harness that I made from a red ribbon. He'd read about that on here and then we noticed that one of his reviews of a previous visit to the O2 was up there on a big wall of comments! It was lovely to meet another Zootop in person and I heard from several others who said they are members on here, but don't visit the Zoo very often. I felt like doing a Zootop roll-call!
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