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  1. Rest in peace Jules Bianchi. Formula 1 has been cruelly robbed of a driver who had so much potential.

    1. ELMARTO


      The number 17 has been retired as a mark of respect

  2. I have *literally* just got the result for my Open University Classical Greek module! After scoring an average of 87% over the 5 assignments, I achieved 81% in the exam which is a Grade 2 pass. Very close to scoring a Distinction - I think another 4 marks would have done it, but exams are that much more difficult than assignments. It's very hard to do translations and write totally coherent essays when you're under a time limit and without the set texts or anything to refer back to. All things considered, I think I did very well
  3. Overjoyed at receiving a delivery of U2 books from a friend in Oz!

    1. Malahide


      Has the wizard of Oz been distributing books again?

    2. padawanbeck84


      I have a wonderful friend in New South Wales who had some U2 books she no longer wanted and sent them to me on the other side of the world - completely free of charge! I'm so utterly grateful to have such amazing friends.

    3. Malahide
  4. I received a parcel of U2 books! A friend of mine in Australia had some U2 books that she no longer wanted. Knowing I'm a fan, she has not only sent them to me, all the way on the other side of the world in England, but let me have them completely free of charge as I'm rather financially challenged at the moment. I would post a photo, but it's telling me the file is too big. If any of you are members of the U2 Friends group on FB, I've posted about it in there with a picture.
  5. "Always" has been in my head all day today. "Be uncool, yes be awkward!" may well be my personal motto
  6. Have we all listened to "Breathe" today? I have :)

    1. big boy

      big boy

      I am flying from aus to Turin . For both shows . I got my seated ticket send to me and the other one is for ground floor and day don't post it day said I pick it up one hour befor show . As this happen to any one ?


    2. pain_18_


      No, I haven't !

    3. inter1


      I collected mine in this fashion in Roma on the Vertigo tour. Worked ok , but missed the guest band...

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  7. Stuck in a Moment You Can't Get Out Of. It has been in my head pretty much all day so far.
  8. I've not long heard the news myself and, although perhaps not entirely unexpected, it is very sad. You have to admire the fact that he not only lived to be 93, but also achieved so much in his lifetime. So many iconic film roles through the decades that will be remembered for as long as films exist. And releasing heavy metal albums in his 90s... that has to be the most rock n' roll thing ever. Rest in Peace Sir Christoper.
  9. End-of-module exam done and dusted!

    1. Rhi_K


      Well done! I'll keep my fingers and toes crossed for a great result for you :)

    2. padawanbeck84


      We'll get our results in mid-July. It was also fun meeting students of other subjects at the exam venue and chatting to them about what they are studying.

  10. 50,033: Post TMA 7 on my way to work tomorrow. (It has to be in by Thursday and had to be handwritten as it's a mock exam. I'm just grateful this one doesn't count towards our overall mark as it's probably a mess. It's hard to think through essay planning when you've got less than an hour to write each one!)
  11. 50,029: Hope Edge is OK after falling off the stage last night. From the video I've seen, it looked as if he was so focused on the song, so 'in the moment' that he didn't realise where he was walking. 50,030: Try not to make any 'Edge tripping over the edge' jokes...
  12. 50,024: Panic at having less than 3 weeks until my Classical Greek exam! 50,025: Remember that I scored 90% on my latest TMA and feel slightly reassured. 50,026: Tackle the mock exam in hour-long segments. (Getting 3 solid hours peace and quiet is impossible!) 50,027: Hope everyone in Vancouver enjoys themselves tonight!
  13. 50,013: Report that tour fever is contagious - last night I dreamt I was in the GA line at the O2. We could hear sound-checking going on and snippets of songs, but when I woke up, I couldn't remember what the songs had been except for the fact one had been a cover version. October needs to hurry up and get here... I don't know how I'm going to manage these next 5 months with all this anticipation!
  14. I scored 90 in TMA 6 of my Classical Greek module! That gives me an average of 87% and a distinction on the assignment part of the course. Now I need to score at least 85 in the exam to secure an overall distinction. It's not going to be easy but I'm going to give it my best!
  15. Happy birthday Bono!

  16. 50,008: Rejoice that the repairs went well and after nearly 2 weeks without, my house finally has hot water and heating back again!
  17. 50,004: Celebrate that we've passed 50k posts! 50,005: Watch a U2 DVD to celebrate. 50,006: Report that our heating system is currently being worked on and should be fixed by the end of today!
  18. Birmingham is ideal. Centrally located, easy to get to from pretty much anywhere in the UK and there's an airport for any international Zootops who fancy joining us.
  19. Thanks for the guide Joe. I'm going to share the link with my brother-in-law as he will be coming with me. This will be my 1st U2 concert and, while I have done GA before at stadium concerts by Oasis, I've had specific seats at the 2 arena shows I've been to. I've also never been to the O2 before so I want to try and arrange a pre-concert trip to make sure we know how to get there - and how to get to the hotel we'll be staying in.
  20. 49,996: Agree with Pete about the conduct of some candidates. There's one in my local area who has apparently been elected to the council, but now it turns out that he is meant to be suspended from his party! So why was he allowed to stand for election? 49,997: Finish political ranting. 49,998: Rock along to some music to relax
  21. 49991: Wonder precisely how many voters were unduly influenced by UK media trying to scare people into voting Tory. 49992: Wonder if papers can be told off for trying to unfairly influence elections. (After all, their job is to report on the election, not try and tell people who to vote for!). 49993: Feel happy about bumping into a friend from the now-defunct local writing group while at the polling station yesterday. (Not many more posts to go now!)
  22. 49986: Go and cast my vote in the election. 49987: Try and encourage my dad to vote. He's one of those who never votes, then complains when he doesn't like whoever gets in!
  23. My copy of "Sons + Fathers" arrived today. It is beautiful.

    1. mich40


      Oh nice! I really want it but to get it the shipping cost as much as the book.


    2. pain_18_


      Yup, it's pretty expensive !!! Enjoy, PadawanBeck !

  24. 49983: Look forward to Saturday and hopefully getting the heating fixed. (My house is so cold right now that I am literally shivering as I type - and yes, I'm already wearing plenty of layers) 49984: Wonder why the heating had to fail during a particularly cold couple of weeks? (Murphy's law!)
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